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What NDEs Involving Children Reveal About the Meaning Of Life and the Purpose Of Death
Harold A. Widdison, Ph.D.

The death of a child violates what most adults, parents especially, believe to be the natural order of things. In the normal course of events, children should outlive their parents, not the reverse. So when a child contracts a serious disease, it is almost inevitable that everything should be done to prolong it's life. Thus the vast arsenal of medical science is brought to bear on preserving the child's life. This often isolates the child from its parents, siblings, friends, and other relatives. People who have had the privilege of working with dying children have discovered that these children can teach us much about the real meaning of life and death if we listen to them. Those parents who are able to love their dying children enough to listen to them, who can give their child permission to die, share in a beautiful but difficult experience. The presenter shares with the audience some of the gifts dying children have given others. Accounts of dying children's pre-death visions, NDEs of children, and NDEs where children are a key component. While this presentation cannot address why every child dies, it explores reasons some children report that they died, the status of children after death, and the continuity of parent/child relationships in life and death.

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