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A Paradigm Shift on the Horizon: The Role of NDEs in the "New Medicine"
Pamela Kircher, M.D.

Since Raymond Moody published Life after Life in 1975, NDEs have become increasingly part of human consciousness. Myriad books, television programs, movies, and articles have been written on NDEs, allowing them to become more mainstream, now that people feel freer to talk about them. Other areas of expanding consciousness are contributing to that greater freedom. This talk gives a brief overview of current research in these areas, including reincarnation, power of prayer on healing, influence on plants and inanimate objects by intent, and awareness during unconscious states as in surgery. As science comes to know more about these other areas, it becomes increasingly apparent that NDEs must be understood by the medical profession as common normal phenomena. We are on the brink of a major paradigm shift in our understanding of medicine and healing, and the insistence of NDErs on the reality of their experience has been a major impetus in that direction.

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