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Tricia Barker - Embracing NDE Gifts Personally & Professionally


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Embracing The Gifts Of A Near-Death Experience Personally And Professionally

One of the most exciting and challenging aspects of a near-death experience is being connected to the expansive consciousness of God and then having to return to a physical form with the limitations of this dimension. Many NDErs wake up for a longing to be in direct connection with the loving, intelligent consciousness of God. They may try to explain their experience and encounter a variety of negative and positive reactions from others. Spontaneous OBEs, deeper meditations, timelessness, psychic flashes (sometimes disruptive), mediumship abilities, technological disruptions, sensitivity to the paranormal, healing abilities, and a love and openness to all people are a few of the after-effects that I experienced and that many other NDErs experience. This talk will cover the ways to embrace these types of gifts (and challenges) with greater ease. It will also cover ways to support those who have recently had a NDE and how to lead change in various organizations based on the wisdom from near-death experiences. At the end, I will lead a short, guided meditation with an intention to offer healing and help others connect deeply to their intuition. In small groups, we will also brainstorm ways that various organizations could better support near-death experiencers. Embracing the gifts as opposed to resisting them offers great benefits to experiencers personally and professionally.

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