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Scott Taylor - Touch That Space Again


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Touch That Space Again

Most NDErs come back from their experience wanting to touch that space again. Many try for years and become frustrated in their attempts. Others, having heard about NDEs would like to have the experience, but wisely avoid the accompanying physical trauma. We’ve known for years that some people have NDEs spontaneously while in deep meditation. We also know that binaural beat technology can hold awareness in a very specific vibratory level for extended periods of time. This presentation delves into the conditions necessary for exploring the nonphysical universe of the NDE using tested technology and tools. We discuss the efficacy of using meditation to visit the tunnel, departed relatives or divine beings. And we address common questions of Why explore? How similar are these to “real” NDE aftereffects? What deeper understanding this type of meditation bring to life in the physical universe? What potential does it hold for the general public? Dr. Taylor has been facilitating workshops using The Monroe Institute’s binaural beat technology, Hemi-Sync, for over 30 years. He has presented NDE trainings all over the US and most recently in Canada and France. More than 10,000 people use his best-selling NDE CD series, “Into the Light.”

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