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Near-Death Experiencer Panel - Dewitt, Taylor, & Honkala


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Near-Death Experiencer Panel #2

Ingrid Honkala: A Brightly Guided Life, a Gift from a NDE: The beginning of the awakening of my conscious awareness came to me when I drowned in a tank of frigid water, when I was almost three. During my NDE, I experienced myself as a Being of Light and realized that I was much more than my physical form. After returning I felt detached from my body and knew that my biological parents where not really my parents. I didn’t feel like a child anymore and preferred to be with adults. Soon after I started to see and communicate with Beings of Light (BOL) and through time I discovered that I have extrasensory perception and psychic abilities that I have been able to use to access higher order wisdom to help others. But I have not done this alone I have been guided throughout my whole life by the BOL. However, my path has not been easy. For most of my life I felt different and alone and unable to relate with most people. When I was five the BOL said to me, “Someday your experience will talk for you.” Today the meaning of this message is clear to me, that my hardships are enabling me to relate and help others.

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The Next Steps: Balancing Life and Processing Personal NDE Meanings, Messages & Gifts: The aftereffects of any type of Spiritual experience can enhance and expand our understanding of the experience itself. We can be greatly changed. How does one process what has happened or deal with such profound new understandings? How might we work with the gifts from those experiences to flourish in the physical world while nurturing the inner spirit? The universe is calling to us and the NDE experience is just one of the untold ways it does. For the past nine years, I have been learning to lean into the messages while also coming to terms with the gifts given me through my own NDE experience. Some of the aftereffects produced even more spiritual occurrences. I will share and have a reciprocal discussion covering the many aspects of such life changing experiences and the profound aftereffects that can manifest. I will also discuss what I feel is very important to impart from my years of listening to inner directed messages from Source. Join the discussion and share your own gifts….together we can find a way to grow in love, light and the fullness of the magnificent spirits we are. The Near Death Experience is the teacher, the aftereffects is the homework given!

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William Taylor: The Last Jedi in a Human World, an Experiencer’s Point of View: NDErs have just been introduced to the gift of knowledge of unconditional love and the mechanics of the universe. Is it the NDEr that has aftereffects or have they just been reminded of who they really are and where they come from? Is this gift of new knowledge an aftereffect? Are the NDErs now the normal ones? What about the non-NDE humans? Are they the ones with aftereffects of being human? What are those aftereffects? Can you exist in both worlds simultaneously? Where do you find your “real” world? Is the difficulty of coming back to a reality of this world one of a misunderstanding of who you are and where you belong?

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