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After-Death Comm & Shared-Death Experience Panel


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After-Death Communication Panel

Jose Hernandez: The Art of Dying: The core belief that nothing exists outside of what we can see and touch and that we are fighting to survive in an unconscious, indifferent universe greatly affects how we interact with others and with the world around us. The NDE profoundly demonstrates to the experiencer the fallacy of that view and opens us up to a whole new world of experience right here in these very same bodies. While there can be great challenges in letting go of the old paradigm with the associated loss of the old belief structure, relationships and habits, the effort required to embrace and learn new ways is indescribably worth every struggle. Letting go of the old limitations, embracing new and expanded horizons, and allowing the flow of source energy to move you and through you opens the door to new gifts and abilities that were previously non-existent or dormant and into a deeper connectedness with the world.

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Laurence Martin: Self-Love and Surrendering to the Universe: A shared death experience at my Mother’s death in 2006 brought me to “the other side”. I remained “there” for a whole week. Edmonde’s life had been ravaged by extreme self-hatred. This had led her to view her children as enemies, even as babies. This is a powerful story of total Forgiveness and Love, culminating shortly before Edmonde’s last breath when I became infused with an extraordinary Energy I had no idea could exist. Words cannot describe the magnitude of the heavenly feelings in my body. As I was consumed by an out of this world burning Love for Edmonde, I saw the extraordinary magnificence of who she truly was. She was radiating the infinite innocence of a new born. She died fully alive! In these moments I was flooded with astounding revelations: I am this indescribable Energy in physical form; It is the most powerful thing in the Universe and it can heal anything. Many others followed. It took me years of struggle to finally accept that I had awakened to my true nature, realizing that Self-Love and surrendering myself to the Universe would allow me to experience my divine reality in my earthly costume.

Rebecca Austill-Clausen: Increase After-Death Communication Experiences: Learn a variety of methods to expand after-death communication. Rebecca is an Occupational Therapist who had an STE 22 years ago when she started communicating with her 37-year-old brother who passed, even though she had no prior psychic or spiritual experience. Explore the healing benefits of nature, forest bathing, Reiki, shamanic journeying, crystal energy, sound healing, meditation, and complementary and integrated health modalities.

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