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Audio-10 Mod: Diane Corcoran-Physicians Panel
Moderator: Diane Corcoran Panel: Physicians discuss the impact of NDEs on medical practice Diane Corcoran will moderate the discussion. Physician details

Audio-10 Nancy Evans Bush, M.A. - The Frightening NDE
Nancy Evans Bush, M.A. -  The Frightening Near-Death Experience Bush reports having a frightening NDE. (No account of her experience is on this details

Audio-10 Panel Members - Experiencer Panel
Panel Members - Experiencer Panel The experiencer panels are always some of the high points of the conference. Each of the four or so experiencers on details

Audio-10 Robert & Suzanne Mays - Physical Interaction in NDE
Robert and Suzanne Mays - A Theory of Physical Interaction in NDE that Explains NDE Aftereffects We present a theory of consciousness that the human details

Audio-10 Victor Escalante - The Emerging Coyote
Victor Escalante - The Emerging Coyote No description of this presentation is currently available IANDS member price $6.95, nonmember price $9.95 If details

Audio-11 - Carolyn Matthews - Mentoring the NDE Survivor
Carolyn Matthews - Mentoring the Near-Death Experience Survivor There are many kinds of grief and loss, on many different levels. In the loss of details

Audio-11 Brent & Sarah Hinze - Prebirth Encounters and NDEs
Sarah Hinze, B.Sc. & Brent Hinze, Ph.D. - Prebirth Encounters and NDEs In the summer of 1995 we presented some of our research at the IANDS details

Audio-11 Elizabeth & Neil Carman-Cosmic Cradle
Elizabeth Carman and Neil Carman Cosmic Cradle: Spiritual Dimensions of Life Before Birth Who were you before the world told you who you should be? details

Audio-11 Ellwood - The Distressing NDEs As Initiatory Ordeal
Gracia Fay Ellwood, Ph.D.  -  The Distressing Near-Death Experiences As Initiatory Ordeal Brief description of Ellwood's OBE, which was details

Audio-11 Frederic Delarue - Through the Eyes of Your Heart
Frederic Delarue - Through the Eyes of Your Heart This lecture is based on the two NDEs I had at age 12 and age 40, describing the specific journey details

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