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Guest Speaker - Richard Martini


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Tuesday, May 19 -- featured speaker/topic – Richard Martini has written two new books that compare near-death experiences to other accounts of the afterlife, including between-life hypnotherapy, out-of-body experiences and some scientists talking about consciousness. There's an interview with Bruce Greyson, Mario Beauregard PhD (neuroscientist) and Gary Schwartz PhD (Harvard/Yale "Sacred Promise") "I interview David Bennett ("Voyage of Purpose") and other people who've had both an NDE and an LBL, and show how the questioning technique that Michael Newton created for between-life hypnotherapy, works on people who've had an NDE whether they're under hypnosis or not." Books: FlipSide: A Tourist's Guide on How to Navigate the Afterlife, It's A Wonderful Afterlife Vol 1: Further Adventures in the Flipside, It's A Wonderful Afterlife Vol 2: Further Adventures Into The Flipside. Videos: Video of Flipside. YouTube talk about Flipside book.

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