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Barbara Ireland: My NDE Gift: How I Learned to Stop Negativity


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My Gift Of Near-Death: How I Learned To Stop Negative Thoughts

Everything begins with your thoughts. What you think leads to how you feel; how you feel leads to what action you’ll take next. So if your first thought is, “I’m not good enough,” “I’m so fat and I hate my body!” or “I’m such an idiot,” your emotions take a nose-dive. Our physical energy lowers, we become anxious, our self esteem crashes. Sadly, any actions (or inactions) we take in those states often end up supporting the original thought-belief. The truth is, an enormous number of our negative thoughts are unconscious. As a result, we end up with painful emotions and unhealthy behaviors – based on those thoughts – that harm our self worth and happiness – and we don’t even realize we’re doing this. This was the gift of my incredible 4-hour life review during my NDE: understanding the devastating effects of “Mind Loops” – negative thoughts that get stuck in a pattern, like a crazed hamster on a wheel. When I “came back” from my NDE, I dove into researching the neuroscience behind negative thinking – and most importantly, how to change entrenched neural pathways that cause looping thought patterns. I now train individuals and corporations to stop negative Mind Loops to raise self esteem and lower worry and anxiety. The result is astoundingly increased confidence, happiness, and peace of mind.

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