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Mark Anthony - NDE and Interdimensional Communication


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May The Force Be With You: Near-Death Experiences And Interdimensional Communication

Many respected people in ancient and modern times have reported a Near Death Experience (NDE) and receiving communication from spirits. Some of these luminaries include: Plato, Apostle Paul, Mozart, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Elizabeth Taylor and George Lucas. In fact, “The Force”, a concept developed by George Lucas for the Star Wars films was influenced by his NDE. “The Force” is not Hocus Pocus, but rather another way of explaining Quantum Physics which is the basis for understanding the afterlife and the reality of Near Death Experiences. Mark Anthony will demonstrate how Near Death Experiences, Life After Death and Interdimensional Communication (Contact with Spirits) is based on sound scientific principles, quantum physics and human physiology. He will demonstrate how these Spiritually Transformative Experiences can not only help people lose their fear of death but how they also expand one’s consciousness to an elevated state of being.

This entertaining, educational and uplifting presentation by Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer® author of the best-selling books Evidence of Eternity and Never Letting Go is for anyone who has wondered if there truly is life beyond physical death. Mark’s spellbinding speaking style, humor and knowledge combined with colorful visual aids will take the audience on a mystical yet logical journey into the Science of the Afterlife.

This event is for all people of all faiths and anyone interested in learning more about “what happens when we die” or in the case of NDErs, “what happens when we almost die!”

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