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Bruce Greyson - Why NDEs Matter: Changed Lives & Chopped Liver


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Why Near-Death Experiences Matter: Changed Lives And Chopped Liver

A rich literature has developed about NDEs, focusing on their frequency, common features, possible physiological and psychological causes, and common aftereffects. This information has been greeted by the public, to a large extent, as comforting entertainment, and it has been dismissed by scientists, to a large extent, as meaningless tricks of the brain. Are NDEs more than that? Are they important enough to demand the serious attention of both scientists and the public? I argue that NDEs are far more than entertainment or brain tricks, but in fact are critically important to experiencers, to scientists, and to the public at large. I will outline why NDEs matter to experiencers, why they matter for our scientific view of the relationship between mind and brain and for scientific ideas of survival of consciousness after death, why they matter for how we provide medical care, and finally why they matter for how we all lead our lives and view our role in the universe.

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