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NDEr Panel - Bay Evers Gordon


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Near-Death Experiencer Panel #2

Every night after work as a landscaper, Jim “Bubba” Bay went for a walk. But on the night of November 15, 2009, while walking on Hammertown Road in Pine Plains, New York, Bubba fell head-first off a 14-foot embankment, breaking 23 bones, including 11 ribs, 10 vertebrae, his skull and left scapula. After a day in intensive care, the doctors induced a coma. Bubba survived, and when he awoke from the coma, he began to tell his family and friends about his remarkable visions of The Light on the edge of death. After a strenuous rehab program, Bubba emerged from his near-death experience with his faith in God and the divine renewed and his eyes opened to everyday miracles. He has found purpose and meaning in a tragedy-filled life scarred by the deaths of two sons, and even in the chronic pain he continues to endure each day. If God or the divine or the Light is there for an ordinary working man like Bubba, then God is real and watching out for everyone, no matter what faith or belief system a person has. There is a higher power and plan that is real and available for all of us.

Lisa D. Evers is a Near Death Experiencer whose encounters have given her knowledge to many of the secrets of life, Heaven, history, and death. She first shared her extraordinary story on the international television series “I Survived…Beyond and Back” originally aired on A & E Bio Channel. She shares the intimate details of the process of going through a death experience and the diverse religious atmospheres and beliefs she was surrounded by as a child that caused her curiosity to seek truth and answers to so many long-standing questions of many human beings.

What makes her stories unique was the time she was allotted to spend in Heaven to ask all her life long questions, such as…Where did we come from? Why do we have sufferings and wars? Why are there ants? What is up with the Bible and the conflicts surrounding it? And, who is God? She knows that what one believes is what they will experience and a will to live will make a difference.

Because of her experience instead of running from death she runs to it by assisting many people that are facing it. She is not afraid of death and knows that it is a process surrounded by peace and unconditional love.

During my June 25, 1996 near death experience I was downloaded the infinite potentials and limitless role that Infinite Consciousness is waiting to activate within us all. The strategy of Infinite Consciousness was revealed to me during my NDE so that its next giant leap forward can be activated by anyone. My presentation will resonate with those who are searching for the truth and freedom they innately know exists but have been blinded from knowing. I look forward to sharing the most rewarding experience of my life so anyone can benefit and unleash the potential their consciousness intends them to be.


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