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Guest Speaker - Robert Bare


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Tuesday, Sep 17 -- featured speaker/topic - Robert Bare of Florence, Oregon, who "just dropped dead" while boarding a plane. His appearance last year on the Biography Channel's I Survived... Beyond and Back - was the highest rated in the show's history! Ironically - or not - several weeks before his NDE Robert had several powerful precognitive dreams, one of them so intense he awoke in a cold sweat because in it, his deceased mother told him he was going to die soon. As paramedics worked to revive him, Robert left his body twice. “I just gravitated to this beautiful white light," he recalls. "I saw some colors I had never seen before." He communicated with another entity who asked him, "What good have you done in life?" And then he had a comprehensive life review. "It was the reckoning of my life,” he states. "You feel everything - you're watching it, but you're in it, too." Robert survived and went through an arduous recovery process. About his NDE, he says, "It changed my life, totally." He adds, "I only want to do good in my life."

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