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Healing & Integration of the NDE: Communications Between Healthcare Providers & Experiencers
B. Jason MacLurg, M.D. & Linda Jacquin, C.A.S.

Those who have had a near-death or profound paranormal experience frequently return to an unsympathetic environment at the same time as they are bubbling over with joy. They may question the values of their prior religious or social community. Many wish to change their occupation, their life's direction, or the lives of those around them. Such efforts frequently meet with resistence that leaves the experiencer feeling isolated and confused. Concerns about insanity or "losing one's mind" are not uncommon. Heath care professionals, in our zeal to heal, may inadvertently produce psychological or social trauma for the person who is trying to make sense of this most profound event. Specific guidelines will be presented to help the clinician to recognize and manage the post-NDE state.

B. Jason MacLurg earned his M.D. in 1983 at the University of Washington and completed his psychiatry residency at the University of California in 1987. Currently he has a full-time private practice of adult and geriatric psychiatry, including medication management and psychotherapy. Dr. MacLurg is a member of several professional organizations and has been published in professional journals.

Linda Jacquin is a businesswomen who has been a member of IANDS for many years. She has had two NDEs, once as a child and once as an adult. Ms. Jacquin will discuss her NDE, how they were responded to by professional caregivers and by her family.

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