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S4 It's a Wonderful Life Review


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It's a Wonderful Life Review
Beverly Brodsky

"I have come with my whole life written upon me." These are the opening words to an unseen God to be pondered in night-long meditation by a Jewish Renewal rabbi on the evening of her ordination. And how true it is in the life review portion of the near-death experience. There we view, through empathic goggles a flawless video of our entire life in which we become all the players of our highest and lowest moments. The perennial Christmas week film "It's a Wonderful Life" reaffirms meaning through angelic intervention to show a suicidal man what the world would be like had he not ever lived. In contrast, in the NDE life review we see what the world is like because we have lived. The lessons of this review are available for all students of the literature, whether you have had such an experience or not. By understanding our ability to create joy or pain, we can reclaim our power, and focus on living our lives by the light of spiritual understanding. With compassion for our mistakes, the life review teaches us to strive to live impeccable lives of increasing mindfulness and awareness of our starring role on this brief stage.

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