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Audio MP3 set (46 Presentations).

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List of Speakers and Abstracts

2018 Conference Schedule with links to Speaker and Abstracts

  • Eben Alexander: Thriving in the Heart of Consciousness
  • Jeff Olsen & Jeff ODriscoll: Doctor-Patient Near-Death & Shared-Death Experiences
  • Bruce Greyson: Why NDEs Matter: Changed Lives & Chopped Liver
  • Mary Neal: Living in Joy Means Living in Trust
  • Pim van Lommel: Nonlocal Consciousness & Its Transformational Aftereffects
  • Mark Anthony: May The Force Be With You: NDE and Interdimensional Communication
  • Peter Panagore: Stranger Living In A Strange Land
  • Robert & Suzanne Mays: NDEs - Elucidating the True Nature of Reality
  • David Maginley: The Power of NDEs in Preparing Patients for the Final Journey
  • Panel: Dealing With Skepticism About NDEs: Alexander, Schwartz, Grossman, & Woollacott
  • Marjorie Woollacott & Bettina Peyton: Does Experience of Primacy of Consciousness Transform Lives
  • David Hufford: NDEs of Combat Veterans Meaning and Clinical Responses
  • Spiritually Transformative Experiencer Panel: Campbell, Devlin, & Wilson
  • Kimberly Clark Sharp: The Arc of the Covenant: Sharing the Gifts of NDEs
  • Paula Lenz & Jan Holden: NDE-Related Experiences: Assessment & Aftereffects
  • Mary Helen Hensley: Bringing Death to Life
  • Yvonne Kason: Defining Spiritually Transformative Experiences & Their Aftereffects
  • Near-Death Experiencer Panel: Larkin & Macartney
  • Spiritually Transformative Experiencer Panel: Doman Kason & Willis
  • Barbara Ireland: My Gift of Near-Death: How I Learned to Stop Negative Thoughts
  • Jessica Schmit: Metaphysical Beliefs & Experiences Among Physician Trainees
  • Louisa Peck: Post NDE Abilities Supplanted My Addictions with Faith
  • Scarlett Heinbuch & David Schwartz: Waking Up to Love: A Shared Near-Death Experience
  • Robert Kopecky: Get to Heaven Without Really Dying: Lessons From Three NDEs
  • Habib Nobakht: Exploring Role of Trauma & Dissociation in Mystical and Near-Death Exper
  • After-Death Comm & Shared-Death Experience Panel: Martin, Austill-Clausen, & Hernandez
  • Mary Jo Bulbrook & Marcy Neumann: Healer Panel
  • Near-Death Experiencer Panel: Dewitt, Taylor, & Honkala
  • Jan Holden & Janie Thompson: After the NDE: Managing Spontaneous Mediumship
  • Marcie Klevens: From Fear to Empowerment Through Paranormal Experiences
  • Nicole Gruel: 8 Transcendent Gifts From NDEs and Other Transcendent Experiences
  • Joan Fowler: The Force Awakens: Discovering Your Inner Gifts
  • Paul Aurand: Remembering the Gifts and Integrating the Experience
  • Scott Taylor: Touch That Space Again
  • Panel: Living with a Near-Death Experiencer: Helen Folsom & Anastasia Hernandez
  • Tricia Barker: Embracing the Gifts of an NDE Personally and Professionally
  • PMH Atwater: A Manual For Developing Humans: The Ultimate "How To"
  • Near-Death Experiencer Panel: Batts, Johnson, & Scott
  • SusieHerrick: Psychotherapists Reflect on Transformational Crisis
  • Carol Vengroff: Discover Six Myths and Six Truths Revealed in My NDE
  • Noelle St.Germain-Sehr & Jan Holden: Induced After-Death Communication: Unique Benefits in Grief Counseling
  • Ali Ghasemiannejad: Impact of NDEs on Grief and Loss Among 12 Bereaved Iranians
  • Joyce Hawkes: Near Death or Not: Open Your Healing Gift
  • Chaplain Panel: Nathan Castle, Laura Dunham, & Norma Edwards
  • Education on NDEs: How to Share the Gifts (Workshop)
  • Veterans NDE Discussion Group (Workshop)

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