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Near-Death Experiencer Panel - Batts, Johnson, & Scott


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Near-Death Experiencer Panel #4

Chris Batts: Discussion of my NDE: I want to present about my near death experience and the spiritual messages that come through my angels to this day. My NDE happened after a suicide attempt. I was not loved as a child and had no family who cared. My experience started with seeing my body below and my friends crying. Next I was taken to the spiritual realm. I experienced telepathic thought. I was hugged by God and told “Yes, I am God, Yes I am real, Yes, angels are real. They are a gift from me.” I didn’t believe in any of this before. I was overwhelmed by the presence and love of God. I met many angels including two angels who were familiar. I am in continual contact with my two guardian angels. They guide my understanding of the spiritual realm and how it works. One of my strongest missions is to get the word out about suicide prevention. Many people who go through dark times and depression don’t realize how much they are loved. God’s message to me was to “Go and Tell Everyone that I Love them.”

Darla Johnson: Growing up LatchKey; From PTSD to Spiritual Awakening: Developmental trauma did not become the focus of attention within the mental health community until the late 1980’s or early 1990’s. PTSD symptomology and treatment was mainly focused on returning veterans of war but little was understood or researched about juvenile effects of post-trauma growing up in an environment of abuse and neglect. With the advent of neuroimaging, medical and mental health communities now recognize that chronic or one event trauma(s) among children of abuse or neglect, alters the brain’s structure and function and negatively influences their world-view and perceptual outlook for the remainder of their lives unless proper post-trauma expert treatment is sought. Many individuals, such as myself, living with the negative effects of developmental childhood traumas however, have had either an NDE, OBE or STE that had caused a complete spiritual awakening and healing.

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Lindsey Scott: Facing the Dark, What My Childhood NDE Taught Me About Reality, Karma & Time: I will cover the beginning of my journey in 1974 at the age of eight years old when my twenty eight year old sister was diagnosed with terminal cancer, the empathic bond we developed before her death, her passing & the extensive contact between us after. Then my own NDE, months later, from child abuse and how these events are related. I will focus in particular on my sister’s lessons about how we manifest reality in the afterlife, the levels of heaven and growth, my experience in viewing the Hell Realms & how I experienced a timeless reality. All of these will be detailed in my forthcoming book, Soul to Keep. The terminology I present was used by either my sister, angels or God. In addition, I encountered both a male & a female aspect of God.

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