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Marcy Neumann & Mary Jo Bulbrook - Healer Panel


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Healer Panel

Marcy Neumann: You Lived, You Died, You’re living Again. Now What? Have you experienced emotional trauma as the result of an NDE that left you reeling in its wake? Have you experienced feeling confused, guilty, rejected or isolated from the rest of the world as a result? The glimpsing of ‘Heaven’ and living to ‘talk about it’ is a challenge that often becomes greater in time rather than time producing a greater sense of ease. The NDE experience is unique in that time unfolds the experience. Layers of details once lodged in the memory begin to surface out of thin air. Slowly, the realization that you have seen, heard, visited what others only dream about is quite real. Then comes the dread…what does it all mean? Have you been rejected by Heaven or, sent back as its messenger? Either option is impossible to wrap your head around. You slowly begin to realize that the bits and pieces of your recurrent dream is a call and something much bigger, grander than you is doing the calling. When this reality hits, you have a choice to either recoil or launch. Why you? Now what? How do you move past the fear and start to live the messages of Love you were given to deliver?

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Mary Jo Bulbrook: After-Effects Re-Integration using Energy Therapies for Near-Death Experience’rs: A Near-Death Experience alters significantly the integrity of a person’s energy system that supports all life functions including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions. This experiential workshop describes the energy system, addresses what to look for in NDE and STE as energy dysfunctions and misalignment based on bio-psycho-social-spiritual energetic dynamics can occur. Included are strategies to heal, manage and address the After Effects that challenged the person, their family, friends, religious organization and health professionals to an expanded world view. This workshop is based on over 50 years using holistic, energetic and psychotherapeutic approaches dealing with health and healing. Includes incorporating indigenous teachings when appropriate, discussion of mental health and/or nursing applications for out of body, near death and spiritual transformative experiences.

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