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8th Annual Spiritual Retreat for NDErs, May 16-19

LabyrinthThe 8th Annual Spiritual Retreat for NDErs will be held at the Mercy Center in Saint Louis, May 16 through 19, conducted by near-death experiencers. "As near-death experiencers we’ve been coming together every year since 2006 in St. Louis, MO for three consecutive days of opening our hearts and sharing our journeys, both on the other side and through our lives here on earth.... We have found that coming together to share with one another, opening our hearts to each other and voicing what has been a soul-altering experience allows us to not only make sense of our lives but also creates a community of support that strengthens and grows each time we meet." The retreat brochure and retreat agenda. Pictures from prior retreats.

To register for the retreat, click here. The sign-up for the retreat closes on April 27 at midnight.

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