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Death Before Dying: … A Love Experience

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Now I’m back in the tunnel again, speeding toward the Light! I can actually feel the brightness, the warmth, the love … Oh God what a truly wondrous feeling! I’m getting closer and closer to the Light. It’s so very bright, so very warm, and so very loving. I’m getting closer and closer…

I am in the Light! Oh God, I am actually in the Light. I am the Light! I see the Light and now it appears to have a human-like form. I’ve never seen it before, but, somehow, I recognize it. The Light speaks to me. The Light says, “Andy, do not be afraid.” Then the light says, “Andy, I love you. Andy, we love you.”

Oh God, It knows me! The Light knows my name! I can’t believe it! The Light actually knows me! The Light called me “Andy!”

I am in the Light. The Light is in me. I can see me in the unending Light. Nevertheless, I am still Andy. I’m everywhere and I am here. I can see me as a person and I can see me in the infinite, warm, and loving Light. I become the Light. The Light is a form that I have never seen, but it is not new to me, somehow I know it. The Light has a voice that I have never heard, but it is not strange to me. The Light has a smile that is indescribable beautiful, and I recognize it. The Light has an infectious laugh, and we laugh together. The Light has all of the answers in the universe … and I don’t have any questions, because I know everything that the Light knows.

The Light knows everything that I have ever done or will do, and the Light loves me because … I’m Andy. The Light loves me because of who I am! No fear! No judgments! No punishment! Just warmth! Just love! Just joy! Just happiness! Just this loving, ever loving Light!

I’m home! I feel the unbelievable warmth, love, joy, and completeness of the Light! It is so very, very wonderful being in the Light. I’m truly home! I am home forever!

Then the Light says, “Andy, you must go back!” And I say to the Light, “No, I’m not going back, I’m not leaving … I’m never ever going back!” The Light says for a second time, “Andy, you must go back.” I repeat my first response, “No, I’m not going back … ever!” Then the Light says the third time, “Andy, you must go back!” The next instant, the very next moment, without any pause or delay of even the smallest amount of time, I am back! I open my eyes and tears are rolling down my cheeks. The Light is gone! Oh God, the Light is gone! I am back on the beach. I am so sad. I can’t describe the mournfulness. The Light is gone. I am back on the beach. How sad … how very, very sad I am.


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