My NDE was because of an auto accident. The date of the accident was August 5, 2000. I had just finished some errands around town and I was heading to my counseling appointment. I was driving on a surface street around 9 in the morning. I had the green light going through the intersection, when an errant driver slammed his car into my driver’s door.

The force of him hitting me sent the car sliding sideways through the intersection and up onto the sidewalk and then around a power pole. The pole hit the right rear passenger's door, and the car folded in half on impact. I sustained injuries to both sides of my head. The right side had an open injury, and the left side had a closed injury.

The car was equipped with two separate seat belts, and since this was the case, the lap belt was cutting into me. A witness to the accident saw me trapped in the car and reached through the right side passengers windows and cut the lap belt. Then the Fire Department was on scene, along with the police. A Paramedic climbed into the car and sat in the front passengers seat. He put a C-collar on me, and he noticed blood coming from the right side of my head. He called out, "We got blood" He then told me that they were going to use the Jaws of Life to open the drivers door. He then put a sheet over me & him, and I heard a lot of noise. The door flew open and a Fire Fighter was standing there. The Paramedic placed me on a back board and taped my head to the board. Then I was wheeled to the Ambulance just a few feet away. When the gurney bumped into the back of the Ambulance that is where everything gets weird.

When this happened, everything around me disappeared. I was engulfed in this beautiful white light. This white light was very peaceful and loving. I was shown a review of my life, and I was told that I would be given a gift after a while. I was in this state for approximately 7 and half hours. While I was in this state, my body was transported to the hospital and brought into a Trauma Unit. The Trauma Surgeon that was on duty at the time of me being brought in decided that it would be safer to operate on me in the Trauma room.

When I woke up after my time in this light, I heard the surgeon say "Don't worry you are going to hear some noise" I heard 3 muffled sounds in my head, later I found out they were staples in my head. The next memory I have of that day was when I was brought into my hospital room. I spent some time in the hospital, then I was sent home and given the name of a Physical Therapy Clinic that I was to begin going to.

Since the accident, a strange and wonderful experience happened to me in 2011. I was given the ability to Channel. I started receiving messages from an entity called "They" These messages have not only brought me hope, but many people that have asked "They" questions.