I attended a meeting for work in October 1996 at Aruba in the Caribbean Sea. The meeting was scheduled for a week and one afternoon during free time, I chose a "Sea Ventures Snorkeling Cruise" in a very large boat. The Captain recommended we wear life vests, but I jumped into the sea with just a snorkel and frog shoes. It was about 2:00 in the afternoon and the boat dropped anchor about 200 meters from the shore.

Waves quickly dragged me away from the boat, leaving me about 100 meters from the shore. The waves overwhelmed my strength and resistance. Near the shore, I saw some big rocks where I could rest. Despite my 39 years, I was still very athletic and thought I could get there.

I swallowed a lot of sea water, lost one of the frog shoes, and the snorkel was not on my face but hanging on my neck. The rocks were so far away. Felt like I had no strength, breathless. I could not go up in the water anymore. Stopped swimming, and my wrist watch was shining (Like a sun) and I thought to myself the wrist watch: “So wonderful and weird".

Looking up I saw the sun beam through the water and looking down I saw the lights diffused. Looking down deeper, the bottom of the sea was black. The darkness frightened me away, but it was also powerfully calm. Great sorrow filled my heart, accepting my end with resignation.

At that instant in time, I found myself in my home. It's like if I was sitting on the top of an, "A" framed shaped ladder. My daughters are playing, the youngest was 5 and the older was 7. I enjoyed that moment so much, the satisfaction to realize that all was right with them. Don't know how long I was observing that scene. In the following scene, I was in my mother's house, and she was working in a little store she had. I was worried about her reaction when she knew that I drowned. I am her only son, fatherless and didn't know how this tragedy would affect her.

After that, I am in a living room, unknown to me, talking with an old friend from childhood. He passed away years ago when he was on duty. He was antinarcotics policeman that was accidentally shot during a blitz in Brazil.

We talked a long time remembering our childhood. He told me his family needed financial help. He left a wife and children. He told me he was thinking of working nights as Security Guard, after finishing his day work as a policeman.  I was amazed by this, How can you say that? I interrupted him. You are already dead! I stared at him. He didn't accept it, moved his head and said: "No”, you just dreamed I had an accident and died. The truth is that it didn't happen."

The scene is so real, I started to hesitate. I am so confused. In that unclear state of mind, I hear a yell. Are you okay? Again clearly, shouting in a loud voice, the sales manager helped me to the rock. "No” I reply. "Not feeling good.” He approaches me, and with one hand is grabbing the frog shoe I lost. From the rock to the beach, the water was not deep. He leaves me on the beach and says: “I’ll go back to the boat for Help"

Once in the boat, my colleagues made jokes about me. One person said I just pretended all this to be the center of the groups attention. I only smiled at them.

For them I was missing for less than ten minutes, for me I spent hours and thousands of miles in the most unbelievable experiences. Even today, I really don't know what happened to me in the sea. I only know for sure my life was different in many ways after the events that occurred there.

All the visions were corroborated the following day. The dresses my mother and daughters wore and what they were doing that Wednesday afternoon was exactly as I saw in the event.

My English and grammar is not the best. The English translation is many years after I wrote the Spanish version. In the beginning I did not dare to share this event because I thought people would think I was out of my mind.