I got out of my truck to find snow and ice. I slid my foot around to feel traction, and felt no slippage. I took a step with my right foot. My leg twisted and both feet intertwined. I went into the air upside down with my feet about shoulder height. Instead of falling to the ground, the trunk of my body flung into the air higher than my feet. It was end over end-feet, trunk, feet trunk, feet. When my trunk flipped, it sent me aiming for the ground.

I hit my left shoulder far back. My head hit and was pinned between my right shoulder blade and the ground. I thought I was going to flip over. It didn't happen. Rather, the impact continued across the top of my chest, neck and right shoulder. The crack in my neck was followed by brilliant light. My air passage collapsed and I couldn't breathe through my nose. I felt my collarbone dislodge into the base of my neck and could not take in air through my mouth. I felt severe pain from the base of my skull down my spine that branched out into spinal nerves. I also felt an explosion of pain across my lower back/posterior. I felt a pinch between my shoulder blades and a hard substance slide or move. My heart beat two and a half beats then stopped. I felt air deplete from my lungs.

A second light went off in my solar plexus area. It was a soft opalescent type of yellow, golden light. The light was warm and pulsating; it felt like something was moving forward at an upward angle inside my solar plexus to my head. This something was being sucked out of my body and gathered some kind of strength from a windiness that pulled the hair up on my arms as it departed. Essentially, I was exiting through my upper chest and head. I had a strange consciousness that did not come from my own brain but rather from outside of my body. The thought occurred to me, this is what it's like to be dead. I also thought too bad, good body.


As I left my body I could see, in a dimensional type of way, my eyes were closed. I could see the back of my eyelids, muscles, tissues and bones inside my body through the yellow, golden light. My soul left my body and was to the left of my human form when the light from the solar plexus started to leave. It moved up toward my head, following the same way my soul had left. While it was moving up, I could see it leaving darkness behind. Once it was out of my body, my human form went completely dark and I could no longer see inside. The light had joined my soul body. I immediately stepped to the left and it felt as if I was crossing a huge, wide doorway of some kind. I stepped into blackness and began the journey toward a light.

I was flitting about light as a feather and moving from side to side. I could hear someone calling my name over and over so I stopped to turnaround and look. It sounded like someone at the end of the tunnel. I could feel something inside, but I didn't recognize what I was feeling around me. I turned back toward the light and continued to pick up speed to try and reach it. I felt as if a magnet was pulling me toward it. I was getting closer and closer, ready to go thru it when all of a sudden I felt two hands grab me. I was being pulled backward through the tunnel.

The next thing I remember is entering my human form the way I had left it. Once again I could see inside it, but there was no light. As I moved through my shoulder area and back into my body, I noticed that my right collarbone had broken free and rammed up and down the right side of my neck. The breath rushed back into me. I felt my heart start up and begin to beat. (Before, when the beating had stopped, I remember it felt as though a balloon had air let out of it.) The next thing I knew I was back in my body. My eyes opened and I was in massive pain from multiple traumas.