My story began on October 18, 2007. I was driving my car east toward an interchange when I noticed a car on the other side of the highway coming across the median. Both of our vehicles collided. The scenario happened so fast. I remember realizing that I was going to die and there was nothing I could do. I started to pray and I remember telling God that I have accepted death, but I am coming to you in an angry spirit because I thought I would be living long enough to see my children grow up and be with my loving wife who was expecting me at home. I realized that this was not to be. Then the crash happened, bam! I was not prepared enough because this was the most frightening time in my life. The noise from the crash was so loud. I remember hearing the sound, which was so terrible like metal, skin, and bone smashing up. I remember the air bags popping so slowly. Then the sudden force slammed me into the windscreen and violently on the right side, hitting the doorpost and the left side. I was like a rag doll slamming side to side. I remember losing consciousness. The last thing I said was God! Then I remember seeing a tunnel and that's all.

Sometime afterward I remember flying through the air in my spiritual self; I felt like I was on fire. I remember that I was feeling warm and cozy. My spiritual self felt like it had so much energy that I could blow up this entire plant, if I wanted to. I remember looking at my right arm and there was white light emanating from it. My skin was light itself. Then I went through the car and into my body. I remember that I had some trouble fitting into my body and I was rotating around in my spiritual self. My spirit frequency was vibrating higher than that of my body. I finally was able to settle into my body. I was enjoying the scenery; everything was peaceful and I was glad to be back. Then there was a major problem. I came back to a physical body that was a wreck and mangled like the car. Nothing in the body was working. I started to get a bit excited and remember saying to myself, “I refuse to believe that I came back to a crippled body. I will this body to start moving!” Then I willed the index finger of my right hand to move and it did. I was so happy that I got some response. I was still feeling all this super energy of my spiritual self; I was able to channel it onto the lifeless body that I came back into. Then I tried to move the big toe of my right foot. I got my toe to move, but suddenly I felt massive pain on my right upper leg; I knew it was broken. At that time I started to breathe, but I could not bawl for help. I had to practice moving my jaw while trying to move my larynx so that I could bawl for help. It took a little while, and then I was able to call for help.

A short time later, someone heard me bawling for help and came to the car. I had my cell phone on the left side of my waist belt. I had to take it out from the casing and dial my home number using my right arm because I still was not able to use the left side of my body. I gave the phone to the stranger and told him to talk to these people because I was not able to yet. A short time after, firemen came to the accident scene and my brother followed soon after. He thought that I had died and was crying. I had plenty of energy inside me to prevent this from happening. Then my workers and wife came to the scene of the accident. It took the ambulance about an hour and a half to arrive. An old fire ambulance arrived and they put me in it. The shocks were so bad that I felt every bump enroute to the hospital; it was as if someone was taking a hammer and knocking it on my broken leg. The fireman who was with me in the ambulance did not lock the stretcher, and when the driver stopped the vehicle half of the stretcher almost came out of the ambulance. The firemen had to use brute strength to prevent me from going out of the vehicle. Finally we arrived at the hospital.

At the hospital, I was given two injections--Morphine and Pethadene. The pain was so great that none of these painkillers worked. The hospital worker carried me to the X-Ray department and then into the casting room where the doctors had to reset my broken leg; they had to put a pin below my right knee and put weights on it. This process is called traction.

While in the hospital, I was depressed and in and out of reality. I was in plenty of pain because of my broken hip and leg. I wasn't eating or urinating properly because of my injury. I was having difficulty breathing too. Most importantly, I could not remember what took place between the actual accident and when I was flying through the air back into my lifeless body. I met many religious people who came to my bedside and told me to thank God that I am alive. I was reading the Holy Bible for comfort but somehow it didn’t work. It’s probably because I blamed God for my serious accident and believed that I did not deserve it. I prayed on a daily basis to remember what had happened. I knew that I had died in that accident. I made that confession to my wife, but she doesn't seem to believe me. The father of the young man who was driving the other vehicle came to visit me on a regular basis. He was there on the particular day when I was confessing to my wife. He told her yes, that I did die because soon after the accident he ran across to my vehicle. When he looked at me, I was dead. Realizing that there was nothing he could do for me, he went back to his son’s car. A short time later, he heard me scream and assumed that the injury probably shocked me back to life. I spent six weeks at the hospital in traction without leaving my bed.

One day while in the hospital, I remembered what had happen. I remembered during the crash I was being tossed around like a rag doll and time began slowing down. As soon as I bawled “God,” I remember a black tunnel and being totally out. Then I was in another world. I remember using my thoughts to create planets. I sent them out with my thoughts and felt as if lighting struck me, but in a beautiful way. I saw my planets being created. I was going wee and haa like when you first see fireworks. A female voice told me that what I create is mine. I then looked at the direction where this voice was coming from and I saw her. She was consciousness itself. She was like a huge orb of white light with many hands going in and out of her. She was like billons of conscious minds put together. I was also part of her because I saw white light in a form of an umbilical cord attaching her to me. Then I was being treated as a baby because she was massaging my neck. The love I felt for her was greater than that of any love I have felt in this world. I felt something inside of me, like I did not accomplish a task. I did not remember what it was, but I knew that I had to do it. I remember saying that I have to go back. Suddenly, I turned around and I came face to face with this light being who looked human. As I looked around there were millions of light humanoid creatures all over the place. This place had no planets or stars; there was darkness and the only light source was the light humanoid beings. When I first saw him I felt as though I knew him. I hugged him; the love I had for him was very strong. He felt closer to me than my own family. We started to communicate telepathically. I was telling him that I needed to go back and he replied that it wasn't possible. I saw in his facial expression that he did not want me to go. I told him again that I wanted to go back.

He then showed me an image of a young handsome and wealthy couple that just had a baby boy and he told me that I could be born as that baby. The offer was very tempting, but I refused. I told him that I needed to go back to this life. He said if I go back in this time, life would not be the same and very difficult. I listened to his advice, but I willed myself back into this lifetime. While I was willing myself to come back into this lifetime, I remember the female entity told me to bring her children back to her. I then realized that this entity is the one source, the true God.

As I left that heavenly realm and came back to Earth, I remember flying in the air and into my body. While in the air looking below at the area of the crash site, I was floating down into my body.