I was taking a ride with a friend of the family. It was a "treat" to go with him, adult and child. However, I didn't want to go and was forced into it. He stoped in a field and tried to rape me, saying fundamental Christian things the whole time. I fought him. He got angry and slammed the left side of my head against the dash board. The next thing I knew I was following an intense bright light.
There was darkness all around me. The light didn't hurt my eyes; it was warm and loving. I wanted to be where it was. I wanted to go, even though I didn't understand what was happening. I was leaving my family and dog who I loved so much. My memory is fuzzy about it, but when I "arrived" I remember people around me although no one I knew had died yet. These people were in white robes. They were so alive, more alive then anyone I had ever known before. They had intense light, but my eyes were not like earth eyes and I could see different there. My eyes adjusted for the light--like when you go out from a dark house to a bright day and your eyes adjust to the brightness. 

These people were complete love. They told me things. Some I didn't remember until later in my life (I forgot a lot due to the molestation I experienced from the man's son and the brain injury). I remember the day I buried the memory of the molestation. I was 10 because I could not handle it at that time). They told me I would not have children, but I would come to be at peace with it. I always knew I could not have children. I had a hysterectomy without ever having children. Our dogs and cats are like our children. I realized during my late 30's, since remembering the brain injury and the residuals, that I would never be able to care for children.

I saw myself starting to become successful and I had glasses. I would get glasses, which I got at the age of 25. They told me that I would have someone very special, a true love to love me the rest of my life. I always knew that I would find that some one. I married my husband at age 22.  Because of the molestation and the problems I had emotionally, we separated, but talked every day and spent every Saturday together. We got re-married last year after working every thing out and my having forgiven that man. We still have that special love, more than ever.

I don't remember them telling me this, but I have seen the future and events as they happen. We used to live about a mile from highway 97. There were accidents on it quite frequently. I would know when they happened at times. Once we were driving the long way home. I told my husband to slow down. I had a feeling of panic in this one spot. The next day I found out that a man died at that spot. Another time I woke up feeling crushed. The next day I found out that a couple was crushed but not killed by rocks coming off the hill five miles away. There are too many to list. I always knew that if I used this ability for my own gain I would lose it, not that I ever would. My frustration is that it's never clear enough to warn anyone.

They also told me I would be very successful in life professionally and do great things for others. I am now starting to do many things in my profession. This past year and I am on the Colorado Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Board. I know I will do more for others. I plan to volunteer for Mother Teresa's hospice in town once my job situation works out. I think they told me more but I don't remember. 

They told me I had to go back, although I didn't want to. I wanted to stay in that wonderful place where I would be like them and would get such wisdom. I knew it would hurt so much to go back to my body, but I had to go back. I felt a pull on my whole self and like a zip I was back in my body. (There was blackness all around going back in. There is no difference between here and there. They are here but we don't see them because we are too caught up in the physical world).

I felt so bad, my head hurt so horribly. I was so sick and throwing up. I was dizzy. He was scared to death and was praying. He knew that he had killed me. He was not scared for me. I was less important than his cows. He was scared for himself--how he was he going to explain it and what would happen to him.

Dieing is wonderful. No matter how, it doesn't hurt to die. What hurts is coming back into your body. There is no fear in dieing. Dieing is being born into the real life. We are here to love each other and learn. That's the message. I want everyone to know that it is real there, more real than here, and what I said about dieing and their message.