On October 29, 2006 I was found on the couch of my foster mother’s house not breathing well and unresponsive to her attempts to wake me. When she sat me up I had green mucus coming from my nose and mouth. She tried for several hours to arouse me, but finally called the ambulance.

My journey began before my body even left the house. My grandmother yanked me out of my body. She told to look at my body and see what I had done to it over 10 years between an addiction to pain pills, hating myself and feeling guilty about everything. I was on a slow road to destroying myself. I was first taken directly to a classroom. It had a crystal white floor and walls but no ceiling. I saw a picture perfect blue sky with puffy white clouds. I sat before six beings of light. They communicated through thoughts, no words spoken. I was told to "STAND STILL." I then felt light coming up from the floor. It embraced every part of my spirit, freeing me of pain and guilt then filling me with LOVE and understanding of where I was.

From there, my vision changed and I was only allowed to see my body, no matter which way I turned. My body still lay on the couch, undiscovered. At this point the decision for life or death had not yet been chosen. I had to once again see the damage I had caused my body in order to move on to the next step. The next thing I remember was experiencing my life review. Because my guilt and pain had been removed, I had to experience this through the “shoes” (feelings) of others that I affected.

My guide always led me around. The hallway we traveled in was amazing. It continued far in whatever direction we were traveling. I was shown in great detail the choice of reincarnation. I saw spirits lining up to come back to earth. I then found myself standing in the greenest grass that your eyes have never seen. I saw the most beautiful tree in the middle of this grass. I did have to return to my body at this point lying on a breathing machine in the critical care unit of the hospital. I was dying of renal failure and several other things. Returning to my body was like putting 500 pounds on all at once. I had to do this several times throughout the next several days. I was told that I needed to write my experience of life and death so that it may help others.