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Woman leaves body multiple times, including going to a place of suffering

My body went into cardiac arrest twice September 2018 due to alcohol abuse.

I did not intend on dying. I did not know my depression had affected my health severely. I simply could not stop drinking alcohol. I admitted myself to the ER because my body was telling me something was very wrong.

I was in a coma for a week, and towards the end of the week, I was in-between both worlds.

The first time my heart stopped, I experienced myself in a very bad place with other beings suffering. I shouted not to be there anymore and I came back into my body.

Shortly after that, my heart stopped once more and I floated atop a mountain, my hands touching the mountain as I floated towards the top. I was greeted by my grandparents who have passed on. It was beautiful. There was a pattern in the ground and I felt the feeling of ultimate joy and love, as I took deep breaths and peered over the mountain top. Then I was told by my grandmother to go back down the mountain.

After a week, I experienced an episode of deja vu. A few others were in ICU with me and the event repeated itself about 6 times. I had no control over time or what was about to happen. It felt to me like I was about to die.

A nurse sensed I was unstable, and I was able to bring myself back to reality. 

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