I was ten years old when, one winter day, my family (two parents and one older sister) and three or four other families and many friends went ice-fishing in northern Canada.

The parents all split up around the lake to bore holes in the frozen lake and drop lines to fish. The kids were left at the campfire. I don't remember how many of us kids there were but at least ten. 

One boy, twelve years of age, decided to use an axe to chop down a large birch tree like a beaver, but he could not control the direction the tree fell. It fell on me while I was sitting by the fire. This resulted in a two-inch split on the top of my head, five broken teeth, and I had fallen into the fire. 

Within seconds I was floating above the scene and watched all the kids running around screaming. My sister pulled me from the fire by my legs. The adults were too far away to see what was happening but they heard the screams. I watched my mother begin to walk towards the camp, so I flew down to her and told her, "You need to run!" She began to run. 

I watched the father of the boy who had cut down the tree chase him with the axe. It seemed comical to me because I knew he would not hurt him. I saw my mother and my sister carry me up the trail to the car that my father had warming. 

I opened my eyes as I lay in the back seat of the car, with my head on my mother's lap and my legs on my sister's lap. My sister's friend was sitting in the front seat looking back at us, crying. My father was driving. Everyone was sad and crying, but I felt no pain and was at peace. 

I was not told by any voice I can remember, but I awakened knowing three truths: 

1. I would have one son and raise him alone.

2. I would be financially secure by the age of 27.

3. I would learn my last life lesson in middle age.

Although I have had heightened spirituality since that day, my twenties and thirties were too busy and chaotic to maintain my vibration and I lost many of my abilities such as reading auras and my ability to detach my spirit from my body. I have often thought of my three truths. By the time I reached 50, I wondered what that last life lesson would be. 

With the guidance of my son, I began meditating again last year. My new spiritual awakening was so powerful and profound I can only understand this to be my lesson. Every day I am building on my belief and growing within.

I have always been open about my experience and will discuss it with anyone. It is my truth.