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Young woman leaves her body and rises toward welcoming tree

I was sitting in a bar with a group of friends. I had been drinking and taking ecstasy. The owner of the bar told us he was organising a rave and we should get on one of the mini buses that would take us. I followed along with the crowd.

We arrived at a remote woodland area with a clearing in the trees. It was cold and dark. People were setting up makeshift tarpaulins and decks and speakers were set up. The music started and everyone was dancing and having a good time. I was drinking and probably took another ecstacy. I remember trying to get into the vibe, dancing for a while, but not really getting into it. It was cold and wet and I wished I had just gone home.

At some point I must have walked away from the group and lain down or collapsed, as all I remember is looking up at the sky. I could still hear the music, but distantly and softer. I was very allured by the branches of the trees that were swaying above me. I began to rise upwards towards them. They seemed to be calling to me and waving to me in a very soothing and loving way. It felt very natural to want to be with them; as I was rising towards them it felt completely effortless and blissful.

I knew I wasn't dreaming and I didn't feel drunk. I felt totally clear headed. It felt very familiar and I was very much enjoying the experience and looking forward to getting right up into the branches.

I then became aware of my two friends, Scott and Jane, discussing me. I could hear their voices very clearly. They were very anxious and this confused me. They were shouting my name and saying very loudly, 'Wake up, come on now, you have to wake up!' I could hear panic in their voices but I couldn't see them as I was only focused upwards.

I said to them, 'No, no, don't worry, I'm totally fine! Stop worrying, I feel amazing!' But I realised that they couldn't hear me as they were just talking through me and not listening to what I was saying.

I realised then that I wasn't in my body, that I was just my eyes, ears and thoughts. This didn't frighten me though; it was just a realisation. The whole thing felt very natural and comfortable. It felt better than anything I've ever felt before. I felt free and light and blissful.

I was getting a bit irritated with my friends and wanted them to stop worrying and leave me alone. I remember being pulled further up, nearer to the branches and their gentle swaying. I felt absolutely no fear; everything about floating up to the trees felt right and what I wanted to do.

I felt very capable and sure of myself, which wasn't something I normally felt about myself at that time in my life. I felt warm and enveloped in love. I felt welcomed and wanted.

I drifted a bit further up. Scott and Jane's voices were still audible but getting more distant. The more I directed my attention to the trees, the less I was listening to my friends and the less they irritated me.

The branches of the trees started to part as I drifted higher up and closer to them. The sky behind them was light, not blue like daylight, but like a silvery light with the trees beautifully silhouetted in front of it, swaying and swishing and dancing rhythmically in a very lovely way.

The trees seemed almost alive in a way, like they knew me and knew what to do to entice me, like they were smiling and singing to me, although they weren't. It was more just a feeling I got from them, like they were conscious and communicating with me. It kind of felt like they were happy that I could see them in their true form or something. It's hard to explain.

The next thing I knew I was back down in my body on the wet, cold grass. I was suddenly freezing and shivering and felt the need to vomit. I was very confused as to how I had come back to my body, and so abruptly. I felt as though I had decided to float up to the trees and find out what lay beyond the branches in the beautiful silvery light.

I was sober and cold and miserable. Scott told me that he and Jane had found me lying on the ground, away from the group. They had no idea how long I had been lying there. They were shaking me and trying to waken me but I was unresponsive. 

I said I could hear them shouting my name and Jane particularly saying, 'Come on now, you have to wake up.' They confirmed that is what was being said. 

I asked if my eyes were open, and they said that they were closed throughout. Scott told me he thought I was dead. They were really panicking and didn't know what to do. They had pulled my eyelids up and I just looked 'gone'. In the end, he said the only thing he could think of to do to get me back was to give me the kiss of life as he had seen it in films. He said as soon as he did this, I jerked awake and then rolled over and vomited.

He told me he and Jane were with me for what felt like an age but was probably less than ten minutes. 

I was extremely unhappy to have been so abruptly pulled out of the lovely experience I was having. I thanked them for having been concerned about me and that I was sorry I had made them worried and ruined their night. I admitted to them that I couldn't help but feel disappointed to have been brought back so soon, as it had been the most amazing, warm and blissful experience I had ever had. 

I had heard of Out-of-Body Experiences before and I came to the conclusion that it must have been one of those. I had never heard of Near-Death Experiences, but I now think that is what I had, except only the very beginning stage of one. 

I wonder what would have happened if Scott hadn't given me the kiss of life and brought me abruptly back to my body. I wonder, if given the choice, after spending a little more time in the Heavenly realm, if I would have chosen to return to my life here on earth. I'm not so sure at that time I would have, but the way my life is now, I'm glad I did come back.


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