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Woman in hospital leaves body and meets ball of beautiful diamond light projecting LOVE

My NDE occurred 3 years ago in December.  I was hospitalized for high blood pressure. 

I was given a medication to bring down my blood pressure.  I was sleeping in my hospital room and I woke up with an extreme stomach pain.  I entered my restroom and I experienced a pain in my abdomen as if someone stuck a knife into my gut.  I remember falling to the floor. 

During my NDE, I was standing in a black space, alone.  I had no recollection of what just happened to me, where I was.  I knew I was ME.  I had no memories of being a daughter, a mother etc.  It was as if I had a clean slate.  I felt no fear in this space.  As I stood there, I could see in the distance in front of me colors like a sunset.  Orange on top, yellow in the middle and a clear long line of white light on the bottom. 

To the left of me a ball of beautiful crystal, diamond like sphere was revolving by me, as if it was "waiting" on me.  I felt that something beautiful was going to happen to me to my left.  The ball of beautiful diamond light was spilling out its diamond like projections. I felt a feeling that has no earthly adjective to describe it.  It was a feeling beyond LOVE, a feeling I want to feel again! 

Then I could mentally hear voices coming towards me.  I then began to see translucent, clear human-like figures all rushing towards me with different welcoming greetings.  The souls all looked the same.  You could not tell whether they were man or woman, no color of race...just the figures of soft, kind looking human figures.  At this point, I was feeling that extreme sense of love and also a feeling that I couldn't greet every soul fast enough. 

My NDE ended at this point.  I remember raising up from the floor with my arms out-stretched and giving a large exhale of breath.  The Code Blue team all around me.  The NDE was hard on me the first week after it happened.  I dealt with questions of “why?”  Why did it happen, why couldn't I stay, why did I have to come back, what is my life purpose that I have to finish?  I am a Christian and I truly believe that GOD gave me a glimpse of entering into his heaven.  I believe the diamond-like presence to my left in the NDE was GOD waiting on me!  It was beyond description. 

I seem to be more in tune to nature now.  I think that I am not alone in my earthly existence.  Since my NDE, I have found white feathers in my path and around me in my house.  I save them.  I think GOD gave me this "glimpse" so that I can share it with others.  I have told this experience hundreds of times and people ask me, "can I share this?”  Then one day I realized....this is what GOD wants you to do...share his word and this experience and let people see there is NO FEAR of death!


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