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Woman in France goes into dark tunnel with many beings trying to tell her things

I had a heart attack and was taken to hospital, where I had emergency coronography and stents put in. All went very well, but my heart was too tired for more, so I had to be taken down 15 days later for a second coronography and for more stents to be fitted. I was very confident and serene about going back, as the first operation went very well. 

While on the table, I could see the alarm bells going red and my heartbeat getting dangerously fast, and, as a nurse, I knew something was going wrong. The last thing I heard was the doctor calling, "Shock! Shock her now!" and then I went into complete darkness.

I did not have a body, just a being. I was a presence, without form, but still upright. I was in a dark tunnel and I just knew somehow that I had to walk (glide?) to the end of this tunnel. It was very important.

But there were many beings, just like myself, who had no shape and were black in the darkness. It was a darkness I had only seen once when I had a convulsive fit some time before my heart attack. Very, very dark. But I knew they were people, and they all wanted to tell me something, but they were all trying to communicate at the same time, all urgently, but without words. I could hear them in my mind, but I could not listen to them all at once. They seemed desperate to tell me things, but I needed to get to the end of the tunnel.

One being, that I just knew was my deceased grandmother, was behind my left shoulder. She was very insistent that she had something to tell me, but I didn’t want to listen to her. I was still angry with her, as I was in life, and I just would not hear what she had to say.

Then I was pulled up by my shoulders, back to life, and the nurse was telling me to come back. I had been shocked and was in cardiac arrest for 2 minutes. One or two of the doctors said I had them very scared.


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