When I was 14, I had osteomyelitis that was mistreated by doctors resulting in a trip to ER in Anaheim, Ca.

I woulid not be here now telling this story if it wasn't for my loving mother who admitted me after several unsuccessful doctors visits. A poison pocket had lodged on my left shoulder and burst after a doctor used heat and electrical treatments spreading the poison throughout my body. My left arm became the size of Popeye's, hard and red from infection. I could barely see or walk, hanging on to mom's arm as she admitted me into the Anaheim hospital. 

I only remember about the first 5 minutes in ER, then a brief moment when I was on the operating table. I awoke two weeks later, naked, sandwiched in between two, extremely cold, black ice blankets, staring at a red LED display, my temperature 103, with an IV in my left arm, monitors and other devices. "What the hell just happened to me?" was the first thought that came to mind as I lay there wondering. Prior to this unpredictable NDE, I was a healthy, tan, long-haired young man whose love was skateboarding and chasing the pretty girls at the complex pool and school. 

A therapist years later said that it was possibly related to me internalizing an epic childhood wound when I was 12 - the divorce of my loving parents. 

It was very difficult to re-enter the world afetr a month-long hospital stay and accept the fact that I had a new step father to deal with, much unlike my wonderful, Vaudeville, Magician father I once spent precious childhood time with. 

The "Other Side" was pure bliss as I floated in the cosmic soup of another dimension, which makes it a challenge to tolerate the non-sense that goes on in this 3D world of ours. Always hungry for spiritual truth, I'm now a recent student of Self Realization Fellowship (SRF) and am working on my first film. I thank God for the experience and getting me through that experienice as well as for my loving mother who is now on the "Other Side."