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Sleep apnea leads Columbian man to teachings about Covid-19




     On the morning of Saturday, March 21, 2020, I woke up feeling good and well rested. My wife and I were planning to take our children, ages 4, 6, 9, and 16, on a spring break trip this morning. Everyone was still asleep so I laid on my back and quietly waited to assure everyone was well rested for the long drive ahead. At 62, it’s been many years since my wife convinced me to stop sleeping on my back because, as she put it, I “stopped breathing for a long time.” However, as I waited this morning, I accidentally fell asleep on my back.

     Shortly afterwards, I awoke somewhere else. As best as I can describe it, I was in a volume of space with a grayish cloud-like appearance and a visibility of just a few feet. I was comfortable and calm. I felt good. I was fully awake and alert, and my mind was sharp. The experience felt natural and somehow familiar. As I wondered why I was there, I felt a presence above me, beyond my visibility.

     He allowed me to come up and greet him. It was a good friend of mine, whom I had known for a very long time, including multiple lifetimes. He was a more advanced being than myself and I was happy for His visit, but the greeting didn’t last long. To my disappointment the reason for his visit was a grave world issue, and He sent me back to “the void” to await a “seminar” based on this issue. I believe the “void” was a better place to receive shocking news.

     We communicated through what seemed like “soundless” words, telepathy, visions, and “field trips.” There were no physical sound waves between us, but it felt as if my brain processed signals from the nerves in my ears, just the same. Words were superimposed with more meaning than is normal. In addition, if there was something he needed to show me, a vision appeared or I was sent to another place and/or time to actually witness it first-hand. The entire experience seemed to last anywhere from several hours to a whole day. It was hard to judge how much time elapsed.

     Many Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) involving higher beings report intense waves of love and/or spiritual lessons. My NDE was nothing like that. It was more like a medical or engineering seminar designed to prevent a specific apocalyptic event. There were many specific verifiable predictions of the future. Some have occurred and some will occur soon for everyone to personally witness. On a personal level, there was tons of information I was unaware of, but later verified.

     In the face of such overwhelming evidence, I gave up my career as an orthodontist to concentrate on avoiding the end of our civilization, on a non-profit basis. This was not an easy decision. We have nine children, including 2 just starting college and 4 (ages 4,5,9, and 16) living at home. In addition, I had just splurged on my dream office building. In fact, construction had just ended three months prior.

     By way of brief introduction, prior to graduating from Baylor College of Dentistry, I worked at NASA JSC in re-entry aerodynamics and Lockheed Martin, in the wind-tunnel department, and received a BS in Aerospace Engineering (also completed 90% requirements for a BS in Electrical Engineering) from the University of Texas at Austin.

The seminar started with a simple, yet concise opening statement:

     “There is a problem.”

     It sounded serious, like perhaps a nuclear war or something.

     In March 2020, I had absolutely no clue of what He was talking about so I asked, in a confident, carefree tone, “What’s the problem?”

     Due to the shocking information given throughout His seminar, He mostly spoke slowly and deliberately to avoid any miscommunication. Furthermore, He often used tone and pauses to emphasize the veracity and importance of each individual phrase within a sentence.

     “Everything...y’all are doing... and will do...with the going to fail.”

     That blew my mind; I did not see that coming. At the time, I thought the coronavirus would eventually die out like SARS and MERS. In a puzzled tone I asked, “Why?” He replied in the same manner:

     “Because y’all have the wrong approach.” “Why is it the wrong approach?” “Because that approach cannot stop the coronavirus...It’s the same approach y’all have had with the flu.”

     I was very proud of the United State’s flu vaccination program, so in a puzzled tone I asked “Haven’t we been successful with the flu?” He said

     “No...Y’all have merely been able to “get by” with the consequences.”

     Meaning, being able to survive, and even thrive, in spite of the flu burden has given us a false sense of success. Here success is defined as eliminating the flu; He was not only saying eliminating the flu and the coronavirus was possible, He was also saying it should be our goal. This struck me as odd because I was brought up believing eliminating the cold and flu was impossible.

     The naturally lazy part of me desperately desired to avoid a huge, world-wide paradigm shift in our approach to the coronavirus. I brainstormed hard and asked: “Why can’t we just continue “getting by'' with the wrong approach?” He replied:

     “Because the coronavirus is different.”

     I sensed He was struggling to help us without giving us too much knowledge; He was holding back vital, but unreleaseable, information. However, due to the dire straits we are currently navigating in, I shamelessly pried: “How so?” Still holding back, He guardedly replied,

     “It’s more infectious... and it’s more deadly... and that’s just what y’all know so far.”

     Surprised, I continued to blatantly pry: “There is more?” He paused for a moment to find just the words that could help us without “spilling the beans” and very guardedly replied,

     “Let’s just say...the coronavirus will keep giving y’all surprises.”

     “For how long?” Being intentionally vague He said:

   “For a long time.”

     I pressed further and I received visual numbers of 12 to 18 months, or longer.

     Basically, I felt he was trying to tell us: “Y’all don’t even know what y’all are dealing with yet!”

     Still being lazy, I asked: “What about the vaccines? Won’t they take care of the coronavirus?” He replied: “The first vaccines will not work.” I sensed that He could not tell us why.

   This floored me! In true disbelief, I asked “Come on, really? They aren’t going to work? At all?” To reaffirm there was no mistake at all, He repeated exactly: “The first vaccines will not work...” Then He elaborated:

     “...Y'all will keep trying…”

           “...and eventually…”

        “...y’all will get the effectiveness up to between 10% and 30%...” At the time that sounded like a lowball estimate.

     “...And that’s not enough to stop the Coronavirus.”      

     I still couldn’t believe the first vaccines would not work and the eventual effectiveness seemed like a “low ball estimate”, so I pressed, “How is that possible? They say the vaccines have been started and should be ready within a year.” He elaborated further:

     “Yes you are right,...The first vaccines will at first look like they will work...and then they will not.” (I can only guess as to why they won’t work: perhaps breakthrough mutations so profound that a simple reformulation of the vaccines is not possible.)

     I knew my friend well enough to know He could never lie and lamentably I couldn’t come up with any other options. After a long pause I shifted from denial to solution and asked “Ok, so what exactly is the right approach?” Enthusiastic that I was now onboard, He began first with how its spreads:

     “This…...”THING”...comes out when y’all cough and sneeze.” By the long pause after the word “this”, I understood He was struggling to describe it truthfully without spilling the beans of it’s true identity. From his tone and the descriptor “thing” I understood COVID-19 was: disgusting, evil, and likely synthetic.

     He gave me a slow-motion fluid-flow-visualization of a cough. With high internal dynamic pressures, copious amounts of mucous particles are sheared off the mucous linings of the respiratory system, aerosolized, and sprayed out the mouth, and caught by the “Mask.”

     “Y’all use this approach with environmental hazards.” As examples, He showed me visual images of:

1) A leaking undersea oil pipeline.

2) A chemical plant leaking chemical wastes into a river.

3) A nuclear power plant leaking radioactive aerosols.

     ”Y’all know the correct approach is to stop these pollutants at the source because once you let them out, you cannot prevent the final outcome.” I asked: Wait, is COVID-19 an environmental hazard? He said, “Yes. COVID-19 is a human toxin. It must be stopped at the source too.”

I asked “Aren’t we doing that (source control) already by coughing into the inside of our elbows, kleenexes, and face masks?” This question upset Him and He suddenly became angry:

     “Y’all aren’t even trying!...If y’all were to try...the first thing y’all would do is make a special Mask to stop this thing!...Isn’t that what y’all do on earth?...Make special tools for everything?

     I replied “Surely we've done that already.” Still angry He said, “Show me.” I couldn’t recall such a Mask, so I said “Give me a minute.” I mentally went through all the masks I had seen in my life: From the time I was a toddler in my dad’s dental offices, to when I worked in a fighter jet factory, to when I was a dental student in the lab, to when I worked in my dental office, and then my orthodontic offices. Finally, I said, “Ok, I’ve never seen such a Mask, but surely it’s available somewhere around the world.” “Still angry, He said:

     “In the history of humanity...that Mask...has never been made.”

     My jaw literally dropped. For decades we have known coughs cause millions of deaths from respiratory infections and we have known source control with specialized tools is the most efficient approach. Why haven’t we made a tool for that?

     I thought it might be difficult to convince someone else to make the Mask, so I asked Him “What would such a mask look like?” He was delighted to bring me the Mask and show it to me from all angles. The Mask floated to me in a puzzling flight path. I wasn’t sure why. The Mask design seemed simple enough for a novice to bring to market. So, right then and there, I made a solemn vow to bring that Mask to market. As I reviewed my future plans, I asked “Ok, so let’s say we now have that Mask; How do we best use that Mask to stop COVID-19?” He was clearly delighted with my decision. He smiled and cheerfully spread his arms apart, palms up like He was just about to unveil something brand-new and amazing and said:    

     “Look and see.” His mannerisms had a very distinctive Mediterranean flair.

Suddenly, I was shot like a cannonball at great speed to another place and time. I had little perspective of where I was going; As I wondered about this, suddenly time re-wounded and I was able to watch the “cannonball shot” back from the beginning but from a stationary perspective behind and to the right side of my original position. I had a bluish-white trailing light tail as I followed a standard parabolic, projectile trajectory.

     I seamlessly appeared, in an empty left aisle seat, in the middle of a moving city bus during morning rush hour. The bus was about full and about a dozen passengers were standing at the front of the bus, anticipating their stop.

     I had a very strong sense that I was actually there. The engineer in me tested this perceived reality by closely examining my environment. Each of the various conversations around me sounded original and real. Through the bus windows I checked out fine details of the people walking on sidewalks...they all checked out with individual faces, individual personalities, and uniquely dressed. I checked out the variations in architectural details of buildings as we passed by. I noticed the bus accelerations coincided with engine pitch changes as the automatic transmission went through its gears. I tested motion blur with quick turns of my head. I rated my vision acuity. I could not explain why these last two parameters were actually of higher quality and more clear than in normal life. I was fully awake, feeling good and well rested, alert, clear minded, and thinking very logically. I concluded I was actually there; This was not just a high-quality simulator. (I still stand by that conclusion). My next question was:

     “Where am I?” So I got out of my seat and stepped up to the guy sitting in the row in front of me and asked him, “Hey, where are we?” He didn’t respond at all so I tapped him on his right shoulder and asked again, “Hey, where are we?” Again I got absolutely no response. I wondered if he was too busy talking to the man on his left or if no one could hear me, feel me, or see me? I noticed the guy across the aisle was looking straight forward, so to test, I got directly in his field of view, jumped up, shot up my arms, and yelled, “Hey!” When he didn't bat an eye, I looked down to examine my body and noticed I had no body. I could not understand this because I felt like I had a body, plus I felt healthy, energetic, and good. Apparently, I was just a little blueish-white light orb located in what would normally be the middle of my body, behind my sternum, (relative to the location of my “eyes”).

     As I worried about my situation, I suddenly had memories of multiple “lives” without a body way before this life. They gave me comfort and I knew it was ok not to have a body. I was also informed I had to go back to my body after my “seminar” ended. All in all, I was able to put the “no body” issue completely out of my mind. I sat back in my seat and continued to explore my surroundings.

     To the left of the man in front of me, was a super exhausted man, half asleep, slouching against the window and taking up two seats. As I wondered why, I immediately had a bird’s eye view of prior events in his life that explained why he was tired. Again, I felt like I was actually there. In New York City, new COVID-19 cases and death rates had skyrocketed to surreal levels (multiple times higher than our peak in January 2021). Hospitals were overrun and on the verge of collapse. Over 90% of those needing hospitalization for COVID-19 were simply turned away outside the ER entrance, because there simply was not enough capacity. This of course also greatly increased the patients’ chances of dying. All outside hospital doors were kept locked, some even chained, to prevent desperate break-ins for treatment.

     As I explored the city, I noticed vaccines were still being offered, but few people were getting them and I asked, “Why is that?” I was shown numbers indicating currently available vaccines were between 5% and 15% effective. I said, “Well, that's better than nothing, why not take that?” I was shown a man taking a bus and a train to a clinic for a vaccine. By the time he went indoors for the vaccine, took a bus and a train back, and entered his home, he had COVID-19. The virus was now so ubiquitous and infectious that his chances of getting infected while out getting vaccinated was about 8%. For these reasons, most people felt getting vaccinated wasn’t worth it. The very few people who did get vaccinated mostly drove their own car.

     There was wonderful news on the horizon: It had been discovered that COVID-19 is transmitted only by coughs and sneezes and that source control with a specialized Cough Mask completely interrupts COVID-19 transmission. COVID-19 had already been eliminated in every city the Cough Mask had been rolled out in. Now it was a real-life game of survival until the Mask arrived in New York City. Until then, quarantines were the last effective shield against a raging, deadly pandemic.

     Extreme pain and human suffering reigned throughout the city. The vast majority of COVID-19 deaths occurred at home, making those losses even more personal and painful to bear. Citizens were asked to carry their own dead outside for pick-ups. As if that weren’t enough, utilities and services were deeply slashed and food was extremely scarce. Sadly, the tired man on the bus had a long string of relatives, friends, and neighbors die from COVID-19. Being a good man, he was supported and helped out whenever possible, including carrying bodies outside. Four to five people carried the bodies overhead and negotiated the sheet-wrapped bodies around corners in the house. The scene was reminiscent of inexperienced friends helping friends move. The bodies were left at the end of the driveway. Friends and family prayed for the body from the top of the driveway. Then they went inside and the body was picked up in the morning, not vastly different from garbage pick-up. It was painful to watch.

     The night before our bus ride, from a bird’s eye view, I saw several hoodlums breaking quarantine under cover of night. They split up and roamed a neighborhood in search of buildings to loot for food and supplies. One of these tried for hours to break into the tired man’s first floor apartment. I had a ceiling view from inside his living room. With tears in his eyes the man intensely cried out and pleaded with the looter, “I know you're hungry! But so are we! And we have small children! Please! Please! Just go away! Find somewhere else to break in!” It was breaking dad’s heart for his family to go through this on top of all they had been through already. I could literally feel his pain and it broke my heart too and it brought tears to my eyes as I watched. The frightened little children huddled under a blanket and held tightly to mom on the living room floor as they watched dad frantically reinforce the patio entrance. When I wondered why they didn’t hide in the bedroom, it was revealed they had to be ready to run out the front door to a neighbor’s house if the looter was able to break in. Hours later, the looter finally left and dad allowed mom and the children to sleep while he stood watch...even though the next day was going to be his first day back to many months.

     Now, back on the bus and in my seat, I clearly understood why he was so tired...he had been through so much during the past approximately 6 months. Even though he was normally a strong, well-adapted, and resilient young man, he was actually now on the brink of a nervous breakdown.

     Since prior to March 21, 2020 I had never seen a city-wide quarantine, I started wondering more about what such a quarantine would look like and Immediately I got a bird’s eye view over the city as it was the previous Thursday during the day. Very few government offices and very few businesses remained open. As I surveyed from up high over a suburban neighborhood, I noticed I was effortlessly able to make zero-degree radius turns without slowing down (I believe this normally impossible performance caught my eye only because I previously worked with flight mechanics.) The eerily empty streets below seemed abandoned and the only noticeable movement was random bits of trash blowing in the wind. I only saw one vehicle, an older, large, white four-door sedan. It passed by slowly on the avenue bordering the neighborhood.

     Later, I stopped (on a dime) and backed up as I noticed a woman behind me, hiding, and peeking nervously from around the corner of a building. She dashed to the next building and repeated. When I wondered what she was doing, I got a bird’s eye view from inside of her apartment just moments earlier, packing supplies and when I wondered where she was going with them I got a bird’s eye view of a grateful, needy, elderly relative receiving them a while later. The consequences of breaking quarantine were stiff, but the situation was dire and luckily this time, the nervous woman made it back home safely and no one got infected.

     I was suddenly back on the bus and I wondered how the city could have completely opened up so thoroughly...literally overnight? I was shown that today the Cough Mask replaced all other public COVID-19 measures including facemasks, social distancing, business closures, quarantines, and vaccines.

     Starting today, the only public COVID-19 measure was Source Control of every cough and sneeze with the Cough Mask. To this end, no one could leave home or enter the city without a Cough Mask. As I looked around, almost everyone in the city just carried their Mask on a belt holder. It looked like an extremely easy, simple solution. It was reminiscent of people just carrying a handkerchief in their back pocket. Occasionally, a random person used their Cough Mask to cover a cough, put it back on the belt holder, and went about their normal business. Not a single person in the city complained of the mask. Everyone wanted the Mask; it was their salvation. Compliance was literally 100%. Use of the Mask at home was optional. Those who were not physically able to use the Mask, such as pre-schoolers, the feebly old, and the severely ill, used the Mask as best they could and remained quarantined until all quarantined COVID-19 cases burnt out and the city was officially declared COVID-19 free. “How long will that take?” “Usually, 1 to 3 months. On rare occasions up to 6 months.” After the COVID-19 free declaration, everyone gladly continued to use the Cough Mask as assurance COVID-19 would never, ever, return.

     As the bus moved through the street, I walked up to the front of the bus to get a better view of the city streets. Some buildings had been badly burnt and damaged. As I wondered why, I was informed there had been riots. The streets had a blackish moldy film like they hadn’t been used and/or cleaned in many months. Obviously, the pandemic had become a cataclysmic catastrophe.

     When I wondered why the traffic wasn’t super heavy today, it was revealed only 40 to 60% of businesses were ready to open on the first day. More would open soon, but some 10% to 20% would take months to reopen. About 5% of businesses were considered of “higher infection risk” and were asked to wait until the city was declared “COVID-19 free” to reopen.

     To our left, we passed a public service announcement written on a large billboard,

                                         STOP COUGH AEROSOLS

                                               STOP COVID-19

intended to remind everyone to cough into their Cough Mask.

     “When is this?” I received a vague, non-specific answer of six months to three years into the future. Apparently, He knew, but He could not tell me.

     "So, will New York be the first city to get the Mask?” He graciously answered, “Look and see.” I was shown a Map of the United States. Red dots sequentially lit up on the map to depict the chronological order of major metropolitan areas that had received the Mask. Mask deliveries started in the Pacific Northwest (Seattle/Tacoma/Bellevue) and continued South along the West Coast, then continued eastward along the southern U.S. border, then up the east coast, and then back westward through the Great Lakes region and beyond.

     I was shown that all masks coming out of every assembly line in the country were shipped to only one city at a time. When that city was fully supplied, all masks were shipped to the next city in line, and so on.

     I was shown the size of the fit/delivery team was large enough to avoid bottlenecks.

     “How do so many Masks get manufactured?” Again, I was shown a map of the US. There were three Mask factories located in the north central part of the country.

     I thought these Masks could be made cheaper and quicker in China, so I asked “Why not China?” The rationale I received was to avoid delivery interruptions by foreign individuals or nation(s).

     “How do so many masks get delivered?” He said, “Look and see.” From a bird’s eye view, I could see an army of small, white, tall and narrow industrial vans snaking through neighborhoods delivering Masks door to door. They used a centralized GPS navigation system to ensure no one was missed or duplicated. Down below me, I watched one van park on the street in front of a house and the driver and a co-worker got out carrying some Masks. I zoomed in to ground level. The driver walked up to the house and the co-worker walked up to the house to the right. The driver knocked on the front door and asked everyone (a family of seven) to step outside for a Mask fitting. I wondered why outside and it was revealed it would reduce the chance of COVID-19 infection during fit and delivery. While keeping his distance, the man visually chose the correct size Mask, delivered it, and visually confirmed the fit.

     One child’s Mask didn’t fit well and it was quickly exchanged for the proper size. Another child’s fit was more difficult and he followed the driver out to the van for a “special shaped” Mask that fit better. After fit and delivery, the driver walked to the house on the left and repeated the process.

     The last Mask in New York City had been delivered that Saturday morning and the team made preparations to move on to the next city. The city publicly confirmed that Monday would be the first day of the Cough Mask policy. Considering that New York City gets a lot of visitors, I asked:

     “Will tourists get a mask?” From a higher bird’s eye view over the city, I saw a Mask Check stop, out in the country, on all roads leading into the city. The National Guard helped local and state police. I moved in, for a closer inspection, at a stop south of the metropolitan area.

     Travelers that had a Cough Mask and that could demonstrate correct usage of it, were allowed into the city. Those without Masks were questioned. A woman with small children in a crossover vehicle was stopped and asked “what is the purpose of your visit?” She said “I’m visiting my sister on Long Island.” The National Guard replied “This is no time for social visits. Go home and come back when this is all over.” The woman obediently turned around and drove all the way back to West Virginia. Then a man in a four-door luxury sedan dressed in a suit was stopped. When asked, he mentioned he had a meeting at the Governor's office. He was given a Mask, shown how to use it, and allowed into the city. I was suddenly back in my seat on the bus.

     Now that I had been brought up to speed as to what was currently going on in the city, I was informed it was time for a live demonstration of the Mask preventing COVID-19. Recall there were no other COVID-19 measures on the bus (or anywhere in the city). Sincerely alarmed, I counseled my friend, who was currently not of this world, “You can’t do that in a crowded bus like this, someone might get infected.” He reassuringly replied, “No one is getting infected.” “OK, so no one is getting infected now, but how about later (today)?” Again, He reassuringly said “No one got infected on this bus today.” Part of me felt it was odd to hear that in the past tense, but another part of me knew time was actually different from what we have been brought up to believe. Then He gracefully gestured towards the next bus stop and cordially said “Look to your right.” As I looked, I noticed the bus was pulling over to pick up someone waiting at the bus stop.

     “The person getting on the bus has COVID-19.” On March 21, 2020, I knew COVID-19 as the Coronavirus, so I raised up my hand and said “Wait a minute, I’m getting lost. Are we changing subjects? Is this a new disease?” As I spoke, time literally “paused” around us, probably so I wouldn’t miss anything. “No, it’s the same disease. Covid-19 is just the official name, more commonly used in the future.” “Oh, I understand, Keep going.” Time resumed.    

     I noticed the man getting on the bus looked about 70 years old and was visibly ill. I was sincerely alarmed and again warned, “You can’t allow someone, that sick, with the Coronavirus to enter this crowded bus.” I sincerely believed no mask in the world could be that good and I did not want to risk anyone getting sick for my sake. Excited to unveil something wonderful, He paid no mind and enthusiastically said “Watch this.”

     As the man entered the bus I wondered “What is this man doing roaming the city while he is sick with Covid-19, in the first place?” Immediately, I got a bird’s eye view over the bus. I then zoomed out until his house across town came into view, and then I zoomed back in, into his upscale, older, suburban neighborhood and further zoomed into the living room of his home, as it was earlier that day. His house was very clean and he had very nice, but outdated, furniture. I saw him calling his doctor (on a landline lol) concerning his moderately worsening COVID-19 symptoms and his doctor asked him to come to his office because they were opening today. At this time in the future, the Cough Mask had proven itself so reliable and effective that even symptomatic COVID-19 patients did not have to quarantine. The law merely required him to be well enough to use Cough Mask correctly. That level of mask performance was unheard of to me. Also in the future, it was established that normal talking and breathing did not cause COVID-19 infections...even by moderately ill COVID-19 patients in crowded, stagnant buses; Only coughs, sneezes, and to a much lesser degree, fomites, caused COVID-19 infections.

   All eyes in the bus were on the noticeably sick man. As soon as he started walking up the bus steps, he felt an urge to cough. As he grabbed his mask, the bus maneuvered abruptly around an illegally parked vehicle in the right lane. As a result, the ill man lost his balance, and was momentarily unable to use the Cough Mask. Those in the front of the bus immediately held their breaths until they deployed their masks as emergency face masks. Those in the back of the bus just put their hands on their Masks but kept it in the belt holder and waited to see what would transpire; They knew a cough aerosol would take a while to reach them. Those in the middle of the bus deployed their masks and held them near their face, at the ready. Fortunately for everyone, the man was able to hold his cough long enough to use the Cough Mask properly. Everyone immediately relaxed and casually returned their Masks to their holsters.

     The sick man then removed a disinfectant wipe from a small disinfectant wipe dispenser supported on another belt holder; This measure struck me as excessively nerdy and I was critical of the notion. The man first wiped the parts of his face that were under his Mask when he coughed. He then folded the wipe once, wiped the inside of his Mask, and returned the mask to its belt carrier. He then folded the wipe a second time, wiped his hands, and then disposed of the wipe. To me, this seemed a little excessive and bordering on neurotic.

     As the sick man wiped underneath the seal edges, I noticed the Mask’s rubber seal edges folded inwards. This design feature struck me as unnecessarily complicated and hard to clean. I complained of this and was shown several alternate seal designs.

     As the person in front of me returned his Mask to the belt carrier, I noticed the belt carrier had a lid that completely covered the Mask when it was docked. This design feature struck me as unnecessarily complicated.

     As the man seated directly in front of me deployed his Mask, I noticed the Mask was positioned upright on the belt holder, and he thus had to turn his wrist to grab it. This seemed like the wrong way to orientate the Mask. I started out telling my designer I wanted the top of the Mask pointing forward to avoid twisting the wrist.

       No one kept their distance from the sick man; In fact, he had to literally elbow his way into the standing area, afterwards he remained standing shoulder to shoulder with them. This was after all New York City, but I was amazed at their confidence in the Source Control with the Cough Mask Method.

Then I asked Him “What would have happened if he hadn’t used his Mask in time?” He enthusiastically said “Look and see.” Immediately this alternate scenario unfolded for me to witness: Again, I felt like I was actually there. This time the sick man was not able to cover his sneeze. Those standing and sitting nearby immediately stopped breathing until their Mask was properly held in place like an emergency breathing mask; Those further back did the same, but without holding their breath. I was expecting the bus driver to pull over in the middle of the street on an emergency basis and let everyone out; instead he calmly drove a few blocks to the next bus stop and made a normal stop and then let everyone out. Nobody on the bus freaked out. I was further amazed at how effective the Mask performed as an emergency face mask.

     Everyone disembarked the bus and waited at the corner bus stop. It surprised me that once outside, everyone returned their masks to their belt holster. It further surprised me that the ill man was allowed to wait close to them (a couple of feet away.) A few passengers disinfected their hands with wipes, mostly those who had touched surfaces like the handrails during disembarkment. Soon, a replacement bus was dropped off by a team of two, everyone boarded the new bus (including the sick man!) and the commute continued. The incident was written off as an accident caused by the illegally parked car; The sick man had demonstrated proper use of the mask as required by law.

     The bus was first decontaminated, then driven back to the station. I was impressed with how seriously they took a single unprotected cough. The unprotected cough demonstration was now over and I was still on the bus.

     Back in normal time (the protected cough time,) I asked “Exactly, how effective is the Mask?” At the front of the bus, a holographic chart appeared showing the number of new daily COVID-19 cases in New York City versus days (Curiously, the days increased from right to left, not sure why.) The number of daily cases had been very high and holding steady. On Day One of the Covid cough mask strategy, new infections dramatically plummeted by more than 95% (from one day to the next!) (Again, it struck part of me a little odd because the day wasn’t over, yet we knew the final tally.) Wanting to know everything about the mask I said “Ah ha. So the Mask is not 100% effective, why is that?”) He kindly responded “There was (only) one new infection in the city (public areas) today; The rest occurred in quarantine, by those who couldn’t use the Mask properly.” Still wanting to understand the mask better, I asked “Why did that one infection occur?” From a bird’s eye view above a bus stop across town, I saw a sick man cough with his mask accidentally lifted off the right side of his face; a man who approached him from his left side was unaware of the mishap; He came around and waited for the bus on the sick man’s right side and breathed his leaked cough aerosol. Curiously, I think this was the same sick man on our bus earlier on his way back home from the doctor. It was cold and rainy and as the long day wore on, he became weaker and sicker. This infection was therefore not a Cough Mask failure; The Cough Mask was actually 100% effective, on day one! I was now back on the bus.

    It was hard for me to believe the simple mask I was shown earlier could possibly be 100% effective and I thought maybe now, in the future, they had more sophisticated Masks, so I pointed to the sick man’s mask and said “Let me see that Mask.” Suddenly time froze (again.) The mask floated from the sick man’s hand to me in a squirly up and down, stop and go, path.

     The Mask slowly rotated and I closely inspected it from all angles. I was struck (again) by how simple it was. The Mask was roughly shaped like a rectangular prism with rounded corners, slightly wider than tall.

     I thought it was odd, and maybe a shortcoming, that the Mask did not cover most of the nose.

     The front of the mask had a coarse grill with only four to six pillars. Why not a better, finer looking grill, I thought (and criticised)?

     Since it was the same simple Mask, I was sure there must be a futuristic filter inside, so I asked “What’s in that thing!?” He spread his hands apart, palms up, in a gesture of openness and said “Look and see.” Suddenly, I was in a dark room. A single light hanging from the ceiling clearly illuminated the Mask laying on a small square table below me. (I was curious where I was so I tried to look around the room, but it was too dark. I thought I may have momentarily glimpsed a short hall leading to an open doorway.)

     Invisible hands pressed on the front grill and pushed the filter holder out the back of the Mask. I had never seen a mask filter come out the back and it seemed very odd. I asked why, and it was shown to me that a strong cough would tend to separate the filter holder/ Mask seal and tend to shoot the filter holder out the front.

   I also questioned the possibility of air leaking between the filter holder and the mask. I was told it would not be a problem, but that if it worried me I could add a rubber gasket between the two parts.

     Invisible hands opened the filter holder like a book and revealed a simple, coarse filter. I had never seen a filter holder open in two equal pieces.

     Thinking there must be a high tech filter sandwiched inside an outer fibrous pre-filter, I asked “What kind of filter is that?”

     “An aerosol filter.” He calmly explained. Again, this made me very nervous because I had always heard, If you want to catch a virus you need a super fine filter like a HEPA filter. I lost it and exclaimed: ”You can’t do that! You can’t catch viruses with a porous filter like that! Viruses are too small! They will go right through that thing!” (It’s kind of hard to explain, but I mainly viewed him as an old friend that wasn’t from this world. Only later did He fully present himself as Jesus/ God.)

     But patiently and kindly, He said,

     “You don’t have to. The viruses are stuck to an aerosol. If you catch the aerosol, you catch the virus.” It was hard for me to believe all the viruses were stuck to the aerosols. I had just never really looked into subjects like that prior to my NDE.

     “Come on, are you telling me all of the viruses are stuck to the aerosol?” He calmly replied (He never once took issue with my fears, arguments, or protests). “You are right...Especially with extra hard coughs and sneezes, a few viruses do break loose from the aerosol...but not enough to cause infection.” He showed me a wind-tunnel-like airflow visualization showing just a few viruses breaking loose from individual aerosol particles. Noticing I still wasn't totally sure of that new strategy, (He could read my mind, lol) He said “You can add a Hepa filter behind the aerosol filter...but you don’t have to.” Meaning “Don’t give up on the Cough Mask; I would rather you use a HEPA filter, if that’s what you need to feel better about the Cough Mask idea.”

     “How is the filter maintained?” He gave me a vision of a symptomatic man rinsing his Mask during his office lunch break. He removed the filter media and simply rinsed it, the filter holder, and the Mask under the sink. Most people waited till they got home to rinse it; Obviously, if you didn’t cough that day, it didn’t need to be rinsed that night.

   Then, I asked how long does the filter last?

     “Six to twelve months, depending on use.”

I was back in my bus seat. Things seemed like they were winding down, so I took a moment to observe the general mood of the bus passengers and what I observed surprised me.

   There was great happiness in the bus, but also great sadness. This confused me, so I asked “Why?” “They are very happy the mask has arrived, but grieve for those who haven’t received the Mask, especially the poorest countries who will be hit the hardest and be the last to get the Mask.” He showed me a bird’s eye view of a world map with red dots representing cities with the Mask: Wealthy countries like the USA, Canada, Western Europe had the best coverage (about 30 to 50%). Middle wealth countries like some in South America, and Eastern Europe had moderate (about 15%) Mask distribution. Poor countries in areas like some areas in Africa had very little (about 1%) Mask distribution and were defenseless against a cruel, vicious pandemic. Right then and there I made another solemn vow: Not to profit from this evil pandemic. All Cough Mask profits and patent royalties will be used to help eradicate COVID-19 from poor countries. 14 months later, I’m even more committed to my mission statement than ever. By the way, the Mask is made from readily available materials using common manufacturing techniques therefore, the Mask can be easily manufactured by countries all over the world.

     My original question had now been thoroughly answered: In addition to knowing how to design the best possible Cough Mask, I now knew the best strategy, supply chain logistics, and even the best government planning and management needed to stop COVID-19 in the shortest amount of time. I was back in my seat, the bus was still rolling, but I sensed my visit wasn’t over. For a second, I actually thought I was going to get a little bonus bus tour of New York City (lol.) Little did I know what was to follow...

     Jesus appeared standing at the front of the bus directly facing me. (It’s rather difficult to explain, but I was never able to see Him directly and clearly. Now and then I could “see” His facial expressions or that he was pointing here or there, but these were like filtered representations of him). In front of him appeared a several inch thick, white, vertical arrow that arose from the floor of the bus to about waist high, then split in two, and curved to the left and right. Each arrow head pointed to one of two levitating, energetic, pulsating, glowing, multilayered, spheres, each about 3 feet in diameter. They looked “alive''. For a moment it was as if He morphed from being my old friend from out of this world to being Jesus/my God and He spoke with strong, unquestionable authority:

     “THE WORLD HAS A CHOICE TO MAKE...IF THE WORLD CHOOSES THE MASK...THIS WILL BE THE FUTURE.” As He said “this,” He gestured to the sphere to his right.

     The sphere was the darndest, most unusual, thing you could ever imagine. As best as I can describe it, it was our actual living world, but layered into different times, like an onion. The top layer was our present earth. As I looked into it, I was drawn into it like a “tractor beam.” I floated down the bus aisle in a corkscrew pattern and entered the sphere from an orbiting satellite perspective. I was able to travel around the earth and get a very rapid survey of what was presently happening, anywhere on earth. I’m not talking about just satellite images or videos; Somehow my mind was able to upload massive amounts of current information on earth. If anything caught my eye, I could zoom in for a closer look. At will, I could get a bird’s eye view or even a ground level view, in real time, of a single town, neighborhood, house or even a single person.

     The inner layers were also actually our earth, but at different times into the future. The deeper the layer, the farther into the future. I was able to fly free as a bird in, out, and around, anywhere on earth, at any time during the next few years. I could even select a single location on earth and see how time affected it; I could “play” that single location “forwards” or “backwards” in time, by diving in and out.

     Generally, I saw great pain and suffering all around the world. I could feel what people felt and it touched my heart deeply and I teared up. At first things progressed from worse to worse but then, to my great relief, things got better; After some rebuilding, the world was even happier than pre-covid. Sadly, as bad as the pandemic was during the 2020/ 21 COVID season, we haven’t seen anything yet). Still dazed from the sphere, I was both saddened by the hard times ahead and amazed by the new world to come. The new world seemed impossible for me to process and I didn’t want to keep trying in vain and squander my precious time with Him, so I returned to what I could understand and asked, “Ok, so we deliver a mask to every person in the world. After we get rid of the coronavirus, what do we do with all those masks?”

     “Once the Mask arrives on earth, it is here to stay.” Confused, I asked “Why is that?” “Y’all will want to keep the Mask to keep the coronavirus away...and, as y’all will discover, will (inadvertently) keep the cold and flu away, and (inadvertently) help with other respiratory diseases...

     “...And, it will also keep away a wave of new coronavirus pandemics.” New coronaviruses totally shocked me and I wanted to make sure I heard Him right. I asked, “There is going to be more coronavirus pandemics?” He replied “Yes, COVID-19 is just one in a wave of coronavirus pandemics.”

     I thought it was a coincidence to all of the sudden have a wave of coronavirus pandemics, so I asked “Why a wave?” And he said “That’s just what’s going to happen” Again He was holding back information. I was still very curious, so I paused to think of a different angle,

     “Where will they come from?” Again, I was shown a world map. A half dozen white arrows originated from a circular geographical region in southern China. The exact origin of each individual arrow seemed random. These white arrows arched over the globe in a direct path, similar to depictions of non-stop international airline flight paths, and ending up over the central region of the United States. (None landed near the East or West coasts or near the Northern and Southern borders.) I felt it was odd all the arrows ended in the United States and in no other country, so I asked,

     “Are these coronaviruses being targeted towards the United States?” He said, “Y’all will find the answer to that question on y’all’s own.” Again, He was holding back. I sensed I hit near the end of the road in this line of questioning, so I paused to think and switched to: “How effective will the Mask be against the new pandemics?” Again on a world map, with red dots he showed locations of single case infections. A few cases developed in China, Europe, U.S., and a few other countries had one infection each. China had two or three times more cases than any other country. He said “If the world chooses the Mask there will be just enough infections for y’all to be able to recognize and document a new coronavirus has arrived on earth. I asked “Will there be any deaths?” He showed me graphics indicating there would be only a few deaths in the entire world per pandemic. Most deaths occurred in China and near bordering countries. Then he summarized our first option:

     “As you can see, If the world chooses the Mask, there will be some hard times ahead, but yall will make it through to the other side. (A reference to child birth.) There will be some rebuilding and grieving but then things will be better (than before the coronavirus). There will still be a few challenges ahead...but afterwards, things will get even better!” I mistakenly thought the “few challenges” again referred to rebuilding. He sounded excited when He said “even better,” so I asked

     “Explain even better?” He talked about the spiritual birth of a new humanity. Unfortunately, the concepts were far too advanced for me to comprehend. I didn’t understand a word. Furthermore, and unfortunately, this and the initial greeting are the two times I can’t remember exactly what He said. I do not know how this “birth” is to happen, but I’ll give you my best educated guess:

     Figuratively speaking, our deeply troubled world is feeling the birthing pains of a complicated, premature birth and it’s not assured the fetus will survive the birthing process. The only way to survive our world war against COVID-19 is through the protection of each-other; This is what the Mask is designed to do. We cannot survive through self-protection; This is what masks, social distancing, quarantines, and vaccines are designed to do. If the world puts all it’s differences aside and comes together to fight this common enemy, and protect each other with the Mask, we will be victorious. Naturally humanity will grow much closer together from the experience. But because we will continue using the Mask indefinitely, humanity will continue to move closer and closer together. When you carry and use the Mask instead of a face mask, you're really saying “I love you” and “I trust you love me too.” This love is received by those protected, magnified, and projected back out. This process is mathematically similar to a nuclear chain reaction. As this process intensifies, and billions of people participate daily, the day will soon come when a critical point is reached and suddenly humanities hearts will ignite on fire with love. Mathematically, this is similar to when critical mass is reached within a dark Nebula and suddenly a star shines for the first time. When this happens our individual true human potential and spiritual powers will finally be revealed and, as a direct result of that, our society will be completely a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. We will no longer be an economic based society, but a spiritual love-based society.

     My jaw literally dropped and I was dumbfounded by the transformation our souls and our society were capable of and I was left speechless. The actual concepts were so incomprehensible, I couldn’t even begin to formulate an intelligent question. To avoid wasting His time trying to understand the incomprehensible, I had to stick to my only reference point: “So is this it? If we make it through the pandemics will we have a thousand years of peace and utopia like the bible says we will?” He lovingly smiled at me like a father smiles at a child sincerely trying to understand something he can’t understand and said “No, not just yet, first there will be a few more world challenges.” Meaning yes, we are going to have something like “heaven on earth” soon.

     Surprised to hear about more world challenges, I immediately became alarmed and asked “What world challenges?” “Next, y’all will face a challenge coming from another country.” “From where?” I followed up with: “What kind of challenge, like a world war?” He kindly let out a little “chuckle” like when an overly eager child is way off base, and He said reassuringly, “Let’s just get through this challenge first.” Meaning, He will help us get through all the challenges. I understood this was the biggest challenge and we need to concentrate on it completely.

     This was the end of His presentation of “Our future, if we choose the Mask” and I suddenly found myself back in the bus, in my seat.

       Again He stood at the front of the bus facing me and spoke with strong unquestionable authority: “IF THE WORLD DOES NOT CHOOSE THE MASK...THIS WILL BE THE FUTURE.” This time He gestured to the sphere to His left. Again, I was immediately drawn to the left sphere. As I delved into this sphere, things started out the same as before, but continued getting worse without relief...I actually sobbed uncontrollably from the intensity and extent of pain and suffering I personally witnessed throughout the world. Please trust me, no one wants to, nor deserves to, go down this road. I kept pushing myself to go a little further because I wanted to know everything, even though the pain was unbearable. Finally, I cried out “Stop! Stop! I can’t take this anymore!” Immediately, I was back in the original grayish cloud-like volume of space. I didn’t feel rushed as I caught my breath, dried my tears, and regained my composure. I was hoping the seminar was not over, so I asked. “I still want to know what happens, but can you just tell me what happens?” Suddenly, I was back in the bus again and He began to speak in a calm voice:

     “I’ll just point out the important junctures (without describing the horrific pain and suffering): If the world doesn’t choose the Mask, as you saw things will initially worsen as before; However, this time things will continue to worsen till they get really bad and things will not get better till the very end. The first vaccines will not work. The world will keep trying and later vaccines will not be enough to slow down COVID-19. COVID-19 will continue to grow causing the medical system to collapse.

     With no other defense, earth’s last stand (a reference to Custer's last stand) will be extensive quarantines.

     Quarantines will continue to devastate the world’s financial system and finally the world will go bankrupt. The whole world declaring bankruptcy sounded odd, so I interrupted “Wait, the world will go bankrupt? Like all at once?” He showed me graphics depicting country after country declaring bankruptcy in quick succession (like dominos) due to monetary interdependence.

     Finally, with no budgets, governments will be forced closed and the world will fall into anarchy.

     With no organized defense, the COVID-19 will rapidly mature to full strength

  When I wondered how anarchy allows COVID-19 to rapidly mature, He reminded me of a small, dry, dusty, windswept, bankrupt village I had seen in my tour of the world. Hunger drove a weak, thinning widow out in search of food for her small children. She entered a friend's house, but he had no food. Not wanting to come home empty handed, she went under a bridge and got some creek water in a disposed plastic container she found. The only things she was able to bring home was some dirty water and COVID-19. Figuratively speaking, anarchy forced quarantined doors open and allowed the winds of COVID-19 to easily blow through her home, her village, and the world.

     Sadly, from my previous tour, mom died from COVID-19, her children cried over her body, and were too small to remove her body, so the body stayed in the house to decay. Unattended, the small children died one by one, frightened, sad, and all alone in the world, of disease, hunger, and COVID-19. On a personal level, it was unimaginably sad, and sickening to witness, but very representative of the evil the COVID-19 pandemic is happy to deliver to billions of families around the globe. In terms of the sheer intensity and extent of human pain, suffering, and paralysing fear enveloping humanity, Earth getting hit by a giant asteroid would be a blessing by comparison.

   ...and the world will finally see what it is truly facing, but it will be too late...” Again, I felt like He was holding back shocking news about what the SARS-CoV-2 virus really is.

   “...At this critical juncture the Mask choice will be lost.” This critical juncture will occur in about three years.” (About 3/21/23) Totally shocked, I asked “Why?” “Finances and organization are needed to manufacture and distribute the Mask worldwide.”

     Then He elaborated:

     “Past this critical juncture there is nothing anyone on earth can do to change the eventual result.” I asked about this and I understood the most anyone could ever do is slightly alter the timing or the sequence, but the final result will be the same.

     “Soon afterwards, the new pandemics (COVID-23) will begin arriving on earth. At this juncture, earth’s population will be about 90% of today’s population.” I was shocked by that number but I sensed He was speaking the truth and I didn’t question it. “How soon afterwards?” He said “About six months later.” (i.e., by 9/21/23 780 million people will have died worldwide from COVID-19 and COVID-23 will arrive.)

          “The third Pandemic (COVID-24) will arrive about a year later.” i.e., COVID-24 will arrive about 9/21/24. “When will the others arrive?

     On average, one will arrive about every two years.” I asked “How bad will they be compared to COVID-19?”

     “Each pandemic will be a different disease attacking the body in different ways. In terms of mortality, the second pandemic will be worse, the third milder, but on average they will all be about the same (as COVID-19).” Then He re-directed me. “The important thing is these pandemics will superimpose such that the total death rate will be higher than the sum of each individual death rate.

     “In about 12 years the world’s population will be about 10% of what it is now. By this juncture the pandemic’s death rate will have slowed down.” (By 3/21/2032 there will be about 780 million people left on earth.) Slowing down didn’t make sense to me, I felt with more coronavirus pandemics, the death rate should be higher, so I asked “Why?”

     “When a campfire has only 10% wood remaining, the flames dwindle and smolder.” Then He continued:

     “The death rate will keep slowing until the pandemics finally end in about 20 years. At that juncture, the world's population will be about one thousandth of one percent (0.0001%) of what it is today.” (After the pandemics end on about 3/21/2040, there will be about 10 thousand people left on earth.) I gasped that basically our civilization would be completely gone and asked “Are you sure about that?” He replied reassuringly, “Yes.”

     “What kind of life will these small number of survivors have (all alone in the world in a big city)? In fact no one lived in the cities. I was given a birds-eye view of a small secluded community in a forest in mid-eastern United States. They shared possessions including a large, wooden community activity center in a clearing surrounded by deep woods, with walking trails leading to small individual homes. They lived very contentedly in harmony with each other and in harmony with nature with no modern conveniences or technology.

     “How many people in each community?” “50 to 500.”

     “Will there be communities in other parts of the world?” I zoomed out to a satellite view and saw about a half dozen red dots representing small communities scattered about the United states and about a half dozen in Europe. I also saw a few dots in Canada, Central and South America. The rest of the world had fewer community density with the least density in the orient and in Africa.

     “How far apart are the communities?” “The communities are about 500 to a thousand miles apart and have no communication between them; That’s part of what helped them to survive.” Detecting a small window of opportunity to survive these pandemics I sheepishly asked,

     “What exactly did these people do to survive the pandemics? He said, “Nothing.” Feeling a bit let down, I pressed, “How is it possible they did nothing and still survived?” He showed me a campfire deep in the woods and said: ``If you let a campfire burn completely, let it cool till the next day, and carefully sift through the ashes...” (His invisible hands sifted through the ashes with a stick, found a tiny piece of wood, pointed it out with the stick, and repeated the process several times as he talked.) …”you will find tiny pieces of unburnt wood...these are the people that survive the pandemics; So you see, they didn’t do anything special, it was purely a random chance. There is nothing anyone on earth can do to control who survives the pandemics.” Meaning I cannot help myself, my loved ones, or my friends to survive...He knew exactly what I was thinking. (LOL) This insight, that the mathematics of a pandemic are the same as the mathematics of a campfire, left me in awe of Him. Then He summarized our world’s choice:

     “So you see, the pandemics will end either way; As I just showed you, or with the Mask. The choice is up to the world to make.”

     I felt that was the end of my COVID-19 seminar. However, I felt very inadequate to single-handedly deal with this huge world problem and to initiate the world paradigm shift required to solve it, so I pleaded: “Wait, don't end it, tell me more, or let me think of more questions to ask.” But he reassuringly said, “You now know...everything you need to know.” I had zero control in this matter; Those were His last words.

     Within a few seconds, I found myself seamlessly back in my body, on my back and in my bed. As I opened my eyes, half in shock, I asked myself, “What the hell was all that??? Do I dare tell anyone?...Will everyone think I’m crazy?”

     It was a beautiful sunny spring day, and everything seemed just fine with the world, so I decided to keep this information to myself, and I tried to convince myself it was just a dream. I took my family on a spring break vacation as planned. However, unlike a dream, the whole experience was permanently imprinted into my brain. On the third day, I confided with my wife about some of the events on the bus. She was understanding. Eventually, I started researching the things I learned and to my surprise, I found collaborative evidence of dozens of new data points I did not know of prior. Furthermore, not a single data point was in contradiction to known facts, and future predictions started unfolding, as predicted. In the face of such overwhelming evidence and statistically completely impossible odds, we took the very difficult decision for us (We still had children ages 4, 6, 9, and 16 at home at the time) to sell my orthodontic practice along with my dream orthodontic building I had just finished building three months earlier and embark on stopping COVID-19 worldwide, on a non-profit basis, with the Cough Mask.

       For over a year now, I have carefully analyzed this approach to COVID-19 from classical engineering, reverse engineering, and the medical sciences, and I can come to no conclusion other than it is definitely a beautiful, masterpiece, simple, and elegant solution to completely stop COVID-19, the cold, the flu and future coronavirus outbreaks before they even become pandemics, with minimum interruption to our lives. Quite the opposite, the best news is that this approach to COVID-19 will help quickly usher in a completely different and wonderful world.

       I would like to close with Reinhold Niebuhr’s serenity prayer:

God, grant us the courage to change the things that must be changed,

The serenity to accept the things that can’t be changed,

And the wisdom to know the difference.


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