As I lay sleeping, I found I was floating above myself.

There I saw myself asleep or dead, lying next to my wife. I was laying on my back. Then to my left I saw the light. Floating in the shade of darkness, I began my way into the light.

There I found myself in a library. I could hear pages turning and low murmurs as one does in a library. I was standing in front of a bookshelf in the middle of an aisle. I reached for a book. What it said, I do not know. The writing was not clear to me, even as I opened to the middle of the book, I could not make out the words. It was is if they were blurred out.

I felt I was there for some time, like a minute or two. I was then greeted by a young scholarly looking man wearing glasses. He had a well-trimmed beard. He wore a button up shirt and a vest. I looked once again to my left. He took the book from me with his left hand, and by now I was standing outside of myself watching him grab the book, and proceed to tell me, "It's not your time."

Once the book shut, just like the thud you hear in church when the hymns are done, I was sucked back to my left, into and through the light. I screamed, "NO GOD; PLEASE NO! GOD!" I then sensed my falling as if being slammed into my body. I could actually feel the bed shake. I then raised up confused and scared. This event messed with me for some time as I tried to come to terms. I told the guys in my band at the time and the bassist said, "You were in the right place at the wrong time." From then on, I have wondered if anyone else in this world has made a journey into a library.