During a presentation at work I started having a sensation of severe heartburn, burning between my shoulder blades and pressure in my chest. 

I went to the restroom and sat on the floor in significant pain.  A nurse I worked with came in and asked me a few questions - she thought I was having a heart attack.  She went to get a scooter and several people helped me onto it.  They started taking me out of the restroom to a vehicle.  During the transit, I was in so much pain I could hardly breathe. 

Then suddenly, I was outside of my body and it was totally dark.  I felt no pain and was completely peaceful.  I "looked" around in curiosity.  Before me was a pulsing light with yellow and pink tones.  I watched it for a bit and then realized that it was my true form.  Again, just an "oh, ok" sort of feeling.  Then from my "left" I felt a warmth and "turned" towards it.  I could see a beautiful glow off in the distance and suddenly remembered EVERYTHING!  Who I was, what my life was about, what "home" was - everything!.  I was SO excited and overcome with joy to be back. 

I surged towards the light and then just as suddenly I was back in my body, being offloaded from the scooter into a vehicle.  The pain hit me like a gut punch and I couldn't speak.  I was so angry to be back in my body!  When we got to the emergency room, the EKG was normal, but the pitocin levels showed an "insult" to my heart.  Later I was diagnosed with viral myocarditis. 

This experience is more clear than any memory, any dream, any other experience I've ever had.  I surely was "me", but without any body, physical issues or emotional concerns.  I am so grateful for it - I know now that, even when I lose sight of it in the day to day grind, that there is a reason we are here and this crazy reality is not all there is!  Death is something to look forward to after a productive life of learning and contributing - and having fun!  Reunion with all we love is a certainty.  Yeah!  :)