In 1977, when I was 15, I had gone with a friend over to her older cousin's house.

There was a group of older boys with fast muscle cars and of course trying to "show them that we were cool," my friend and I decided to take a drive in their cars. Somehow the boys decided they were going to drag race. All I remember is holding on to the dashboard and door. The last thing I remember was hearing myself scream.

The next thing I remember is a sense of being calm and warm. I felt no shape or form of my body. It was like I was the universe, like I was the air, the trees. I know that it probably sounds strange, but that's what I remember. Things were a little fuzzy at first but then everything became so clear and vibrant.

I remember looking down at the accident scene. There were police cars and ambulances, and there were two paramedics working on this young girl who was bloody and laying in the dirt with one of her legs mangled (it was me) and for some reason, I said, "Who's that?" I remember hearing myself say that but I didn't speak it with my mouth. More like I thought it.

Then all of a sudden I was definitely aware of a presence, actually two, behind me on each side. I had no sense of fear or pain. Then I heard in my head their response to my question, "That's you." I think I said, "Oh, ok." I am not quite sure. I felt a little confused as to why and how I was able to see the whole accident scene. It was like a panoramic viewing and I was able to see it all. I didn't feel the need to be upset or the need to return to my body. All I really wanted to do was to stay there with those two beings, if you will. There was no sense of time, no worries, no pain, just peace and harmony.

I was told that I had to return. I think I started to argue with those two beings, typical teenager. Then the next thing I remember I felt like I was slingshotted back and awoke to the paramedics resuscitating me. Horrific pain set in due to the compound fracture of my left femur and hip. I spent the next month in the hospital with internal fixation of my femur and left hip, and for every year for three years, I had follow up surgery. I know what I experienced was as real as can be and is not fabricated in any way. That is my story.