I attempted suicide, believing I'd become nothing.

I loved the idea of just disappearing into pure nothingness, having no feelings, no thoughts--nothing. It seemed like a GREAT idea to just disappear into pure nothingness. It didn't happen.

My spirit (or "conscious-energy" as I like to call it) came out of my body and saw doctors operating on me to save my life. A kidney surgeon was trying to sew my kidney back together, as my suicide attempt had cut it in half. Another surgeon was operating to patch up my colon, which was cut open so that intestinal wastes had spilled into my abdominal cavity.

Anyway, I was up near the lights in the surgical suite, watching all of this. I thought it was odd that the surgeons were telling jokes and the nurses and the doctors were laughing at the jokes.

Then, I somehow ZIPPED off into what some folks call "Purgatory." I never believed in such a place, though I had heard about it from Catholics, who I thought were totally off the wall with their beliefs.

Suddenly, I knew MUCH MORE about the afterlife, which is really our home away from home, than I ever knew (as a physical being). In fact, a ton of information became known to me as though I had always known it!

Then, I felt Jesus (I was somehow sure it was him) shove me towards the operating room and into my body. I felt the WHOOSH of incredible speed. Then, I woke up in an ancillary room to the surgical suite. I couldn't move. I thought I was paralyzed. A nurse rushed in, totally shocked that I had come to and was having problems breathing. She got the surgeon. He rushed in, did something to make it easier for me to breathe. Then, I peed on him. Yes, I peed on him. Apparently, the anesthesia had totally worn off, unexpectedly! He left, I suppose to clean up. The nurse said something like, "You weren't supposed to wake up." I passed out and woke up in ICU, where I stayed for weeks.

Upon waking up I saw a nurse pass by, who I remembered from surgery. She was stunned I knew her. I told her about the surgery, jokes, etc. She was shocked, called the surgeon. He listened to everything I said and explained it all away by saying, "Your ears probably captured everything. You recognized people by their voices."

I bought his explanation until (years later) knowledge started flowing into me and premonitions started coming true. Then, I started to research to find out what the heck was happening to me. The rest I put down in a journal. And, I added a lot to it later, as more and more premonitions came true and I realized that I could communicate with conscious-energies in the Energic Conscious Continuum (ECC), which is what I started calling what others traditionally call "The Spirit Realm." You see, I like science...physics! So, the "Spirit Realm" just wouldn't do. I had to have something much more...scientific.