First I would like to set the setting.  I was 20 years old in reality, but no more than 4 years old in the NDE experience. 

I spent a few years in Germany as a child, and the initial holding ground, if you will, during the NDE was a special place there where honeysuckle bloomed.  My special place was on a hill near a field.  Have you ever experienced perfect weather?  In my NDE, the weather was beyond perfect, as far as sunlight and breeze.  It appeared to be this one tree or bush of honeysuckle and a large field of gold grass.  I did not see green on golden highlights, much like the glow of what I vision and with the newly acquired knowledge, know it to be the splendor or glory of God.

Okay, I had a Copper 7 IUD implanted in me in the military that set up infection.  So there I was on my death bed in the hospital.   I immediately upon a flat line zoomed through a dark tunnel that quickly bled bright light and I was regurgitated into the field as I described above.  Like an innocent child, I skipped through the field, grabbing at the blowing golden locks of what I define as grass and into the arms of a tall spiritual being dressed in a long robe with hoodie attached.  I knew it was a male, and a sudden sense of peace and protection covered my mere existence.   He picked me up and sat me on his knee.  I felt as if he wanted to say something to me but was interrupted by static.  Suddenly a question was imposed, not verbally, but it was more understood.  I needed to make a decision.  This decision was simply whether I wanted to stay or go back.  I so much wanted to stay but chose to go back as the static grew louder.  Once I made that decision I was whisked into the tunnel

Upon return, I immediately pointed to my head.  This was evidence to all that I knew what I looked like.  The strong and new antibiotics I had been on had literally chewed my hair.  I asked for a scarf.  By the way, the static happened to be my family praying for me alongside my bed.