It was during a depressing time in my life when I felt very down on myself and wanted to leave this earth.

Death was on my mind after a conversation with my mom made me give up on everything. I was in the passengers seat of a friend's car, on the phone with my mom whom i have not spoken to in years. She told me I'm not her son and she never loved me. I threw my phone out of the window. My friend (the driver) made a right turn on a corner and that's when I opened the door and jumped out of the car. My head hit the concrete and I started to get up, but it felt like I was yanking myself out of my body. I finally got up and took about 3 steps, then I was in the air after that.

God spoke to me and said, "I AM GOD, YES I AM REAL, YES ANGELS ARE REAL, THEY'RE A GIFT FROM ME...WANNA MEET THEM?" I then said NO, that's scary. God then told me I have a lot of people to help and it's not my time to leave yet. God gave me a hug and told me he will go to the end of the world so everyone is with him. God also told me that he loves EVERYBODY! He wants the most messed up people. He gave me a hug and it felt like the biggest alpha male mixed with the most motherly woman.

I asked what he wanted me to tell people when I go back and he said, "GO AND TELL EVERYONE THAT I LOVE THEM!"

I then appeared by a cloud full of light with angles all around. Out of all of them, the one on my right and the one on my left were my Guardian Angels. They were 8-9 ft in height with wings that were very big. The angel on my left was upset because I tried to kill myself, so I gave more attention to the one on the right side. He was very muscular and his wings were about 6 ft tall. They were a gray color and material that is unexplainable. He told me I have so much to do for so many people. They told me to look down at my body and I saw the paramedics working on my body. That's when I knew that an afterlife was real. I then looked at them and told them I am ready to work with them. After that I woke up in the hosptial a couple of days later, eventually being released about a week later.