My heart stopped in the OR after I gave birth to my youngest son in 2004.

The medical report stated that I had complications due to heart disease - I have MVP (Mitral Valve Prolapse). I woke up in heaven or what I like to call "home." I had no body but I was me and I was surrounded by angels and loved ones. They also had no bodies but I knew that they were there loving and supporting me. My first message/thought I received was that I was unconditionally loved. I was bathed in the most beautiful white, golden light and I felt immense happiness, contentment, warmth and love. There are no words to really express how I felt or to describe the beautiful light that I was bathed in. No words were spoken, everything was communicated by thought. My questions were answered even before I could finish my thought.

I kept receiving three messages over and over again; the first was that I was unconditionally loved; the second was that everything is always how it’s supposed to be; and the third message I kept receiving was that everything would always be all right. I knew that if I didn’t go back that my children, husband, family and friends would be okay. I was not given the option to stay.

I woke up with the doctor yelling at me to wake up and open my eyes. I was angry to be back in my body and back in the physical world. I went into a depression and for the first couple of weeks after my NDE I wanted to go “home,” which made me feel guilty and ashamed because I had three beautiful babies to take care of. My life has changed drastically since the NDE. I no longer fear death and I know that our souls live on. I have since gone through a divorce and a career change. I know that my experience was a gift and the messages I received continue to guide me and help me get through this life. I do believe that we are all one and connected.