One night, after retiring for the evening, I "found" myself floating within a very dark tunnel.

Up ahead I saw this golden light on the right side and went forward to it. (I always take my guides with me when "traveling.")

The light was being produced by golden skulls which lined the round tunnel entrance. I entered. The golden skulls lined the entrance on both in/out sides and on the inner connecting area as well.

There were people surrounding to bottom, all around the circle as there seemed to be no true up or down. These entities were mostly opaque and dressed in whatever it was they deemed suitable for them. (some wore casual clothes, some attired as if for an evening at the opera, others dressed in uniforms of their workplace, etc.) Only one female tried to reach out for me but was unable to make any contact - as if it was forbidden. Many looked as if they were speaking to me but I couldn't hear any specific sounds - rather muted and unintelligible. They were not touching any other but were still very closely packed.

The further away from the entrance, the less light and people, and these folk seemed to become transparent as if the lack of light caused this to be. Also, the apparations were now in tattered clothing or flowing minimal garments as if apparel wasn't relevant. The materials floated around them with minor movements - quite appealing to the eye. Again, several tried speaking but I heard nothing specific (or just plain couldn't understand the mummery). Most just watched me go through their area. It was as if they had a particular position and they stayed there (with the exception of the one gal at the beginning).

I tend to be curious about whatever is new or unusual around/about me so I wasn't feeling fear at any of what I encountered during this time. However, as I progressed, the tunnel widened, the entities lessened and floated further from me until I finally saw what I considered to be stars.

I went in the direction of the stars and began looking to find Earth constellations but none appeared as I know them. Also, it was pitch black now. Nothing but empty space with me within. I recall thinking that there wasn't any reason for me being there and I began moving about to get a better look.

When I did, I realized the tunnel I'd come from was quite a distance from me already and all else was "nothing." I "assumed" I could go to any of the stars; that I could, in fact, choose my destiny. But, if this was only a dream, and you can change your dream, why wasn't this reacting in that manner? This felt more lifelike and I felt I had to make the right move for my future to be MORE or I might spend eternity floating around in the inky blackness (fewer stars the further outward I moved). I couldn't imagine anything more boring!

At this time, the thought that struck me most strongly was, "What AM I doing here?" For the first time, I also felt a tad panicky.

It was then that my guardian acted. She approached me and tugged at me saying it wasn't time for me yet. (She was on my left, my animal spirit was on my right, and at this time he closed in beside me as if protecting me.) Then I woke up in bed with my heart doing that funny "fish-outta-water" thing and had to do some slow breathing/coughing for it to stop.

About 3-4 years later I had an EKG done because of the unusual things I was encountering physically (had to wait for Medicare and the doctor who took patients with it). They told me they could tell I'd had a heart attack sometime within the past 5 years.

This "dream" was extremely vivid, detailed, unusual. It's been several years since it occurred, yet I can go through it as if it had happened last night. No "dream" has ever seemed so real, nor lasted so long.