I don't know how it works but a very deep metaphor would be the movie Beetlejuice:

in which friendly spirits try to scare my family and me into purchasing a home if barely succeeding at it. Another analogy would be if I were Robin Williams creating landscapes out of heaven and hell in his appointed place at the same moment. It must have been the year 8514 in the future cosmic realms. I had a life review of myself raised in psychiatric health care as a bully throughout most of my life.

The beings taught me all knowledge is power and to test out ones intelligence. I felt such peace and warmth and love while heavily sedated during it.

I was enraged but do not know why.  All the same, it was so much love and light. The only answer for it, is to take charge of our health care and government without fear or dilly dallying.  At the very moment love means liberty in the spiritual kingdoms up here. And all humanity is one you don't have to agree with it, one way or another. I feel I do.  Knowing I am not perfect and that I am the biggest jerk my family knows. That there is no death ever anymore.

If for one thing, I may have ignored the guardian angels up here. They never did with me or Jesus himself as my Jewish messiah. Or my family, as mean as they are manipulative.

I still love myself as their child and a child of God and his army of spirits and angels. Why because they said so to me personally.  Satan is no longer my god. God has restored ten million times as he has taken up here. I am way too fulfilled in riches here. Praise the lord who gave me a renewed future, that society could never give. I shout eternal joy and well-being for America!!!