The anesthesiologist showed me that the line was in a blood vessel and she would have to retry it.  At that moment, I saw my blood pressure drop to 40/20 and I knew what that meant. I felt myself starting to fall over. At the same time I saw a boundary between darkness and light appear.  I started to rise above the dark boundary and go into the light.  The most interesting thing was that I felt no pain.

I didn't realize until after how a young body could be in so much pain. I had a feeling of rising not so much as floating.  The light was like nothing I've ever seen on this realm and very soothing and peaceful.  It was the peacefulness that was the most overwhelming.  I didn't see anyone waiting for me, but did feel a sense of a loving presence.  Obviously, they revived me and I was suddenly back in my body. I remember yelling at the nurse for bringing me back.  She just looked at me and said that’s because I have a child to care for.

For me, this has been life changing.  I no longer am afraid of the unknown and somewhat more fearless.  In addition to being a medical professional, I also have become certified in alternative healing modalities.  I am quite aware of the mind/body connection now.  But I am careful who I share it with.  I use it to bring comfort to the dying or those who need reassurance they are not crazy when they have this type of experience.