I had a seizure that caused me to code (no pulse or heartbeat).  The nurses called rapid response code and I was once again taken back to the ICU.  When I got to the room with, machines connected to me, is when I started to drift from the world.  

I felt my soul leave my body and travel through the hospital building towards the skies.  When you die there is no time, this is why I don’t remember how long it took me to see the light and be absorbed by it.  All I remember is after a few moments after the bright light absorbed me, I was seeing Gods face and wondering how I got there.  He looked at me with a calm expression and spoke to me in a peaceful low voice: "you are suffering too much down there that I thought you deserved a break from the chaos.  Look at what’s going on.”   I looked down with a strange feeling.  I did see everything that was going on:.  monitors beeping, my mom sobbing, my grandmothers praying with the scariest look on their faces.  

I felt guilty, and right at that moment my heart sank. I felt awful.  After seeing all of what was happening, He took my hand and said “let’s take a walk, meet some people.”  That split second I saw my grandfather who died in 2000, I was only a year old when he passed.  My mother has told me many times he and I had a great relationship.  I knew he was there and it was him because he looked just like he does in the photos of when he was a young man.  He took me in his arms and rocked me for a bit, I met his brother that unfortunately I had never met when either one of us were alive.  We all had a great time, I met some Vietnam War veterans and they told me really interesting stories of their time away from home.

At the end of my visit I met a little girl with beautiful blue eyes and light blonde hair, she was precious!  After I met her God said “it is time for you to go back, I promise you will be back soon.  I’ll watch over you.  That is a promise”  I wasn’t happy, I said ‘But – but, why? I don’t want to go yet, please.  God looked straight through me and said "I am answering your grandmothers’ prayers" at that moment I started to fall, falling lower and lower with each thought of uneasiness to coming back to the living realm.   I crossed through a river that I recognized as the Otherworld (the dead realm) and back to the building to my room in the ICU.

Once my soul entered my body, my heart beat again and I regained color and shallowbreathing.  Everyone was relieved, I felt it in me.