I was ending a violent marriage. My husband punched me in the eye area and I fell down. He then strangled me, and I lost consciousness. Everything became smokey/cloudy. It was like I was in nothingness. I started to see light, and I understood that I had died. I was thrilled and said, "Oh, it's true. There IS life after death."

Then things became more focused. I was walking along a long winding path. There was a forest-like environment and in the far distance I could see a monastery. As I continued to walk, a being became visible. He was dressed in brown robe-like clothing with a belt. He raised his arms to greet me. As I came closer, I felt the excitement of reaching my destiny. However, as I was about to enter into his arms, he stopped me. He raised one hand and pointed his index finger at me and in very loud, very carefully spoken words said, "You must go back." It was like a flash. I felt like a vacuum was sucking me back into my body. I was aware only of my astral body until it hit and got back into my physical body. Instantly, I became aware/conscious. My response with my own mind were the words, "You bastard. You made me come back." I felt anger that I could not stay there; that I had to come back. Someone came to help me up, and I went to take care of myself. The experience is still vivid in my mind.