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Hindu Nepalese young man crashes his motorcycle and has OBE

November of 2011, the pressure was such that it seemed to me like whatever I am going through in my mind and body, there is nothing more than this in this world. So, it’s Saturday, I called my school friend, went to his place, took an illegal substance and we were enjoying the conversation for then.

I was a boy of their age and their background, but somehow I started in a different religion than theirs. In other words, I have joined a religious organisation which isn’t the normal one. So in this way I was engaged with them. Now the evening settled and the night approached, therefore everyone must separate to get into one's home. My father, mother, and sister were outside the valley. I was with my cousin. He called me saying come home soon; everyone is worried because you have not yet arrived home. I pacified him and told him to wait a bit more. I am leaving this place to come home. So, I left the rush in the gathering and the gathering settled. Then my friend came to see me to the parking lot. I started my bike. Whatever frustration of the world I was going through, I was still ready to show them my bike stunts as they were telling me to drive safe home. Now I am in the street riding on my bike. Unlike any other day, I was now going back to home as opposite of going to attain the gathering. This was now a rare happening.

This can never be explained and described. However, to give justice to this experience, it was the oneness experience. This experience happened to me in the very moment where I was riding my bike to get to my home. After the experience I am still on my gear and accelerator. But by now the oneness experience has happened. So, some way or other I reached the gate, but I just could not enter inside the house or I could have gone inside but I could not take inside the bike. I do not know. I had to make the decision because I cannot just stand on the gate. What would other people think. I am totally alone. Then I decided to go to the temple which was now the part of my routine somewhat anonymously because I cannot follow their all regulations and also because it’s only me from my clan doing like that.

Then I U-turn the bike. Now I am heading towards the temple in hopes that I would get some relief to the just happened experience. After the on-going experience which I thought is the most intense and there shall be nothing more than this. So on the way, I heard the voice. I guess the source of the voice knew what had happened to me – the oneness experience. The voice said, “Are you not the one who is desiring to go to Vaikuntha?” Mentally I affirmed it. Then I thought of the girls of my age who had also joined this religious organisation purposefully. When their time comes, might be they will also be greeted by the voice? And the phase was like, “I am now done with the world, never to come back.” A glorious moment.

Then I thought of my father and his purse. What will he think if he comes across this news? Well, by then I already will be gone. So, because the voice did offer me Vaikuntha, I became ready to leave my bike out of my control so that he will show up and take me to Vaikuntha as a deal. Then slowly I am lying on my bike leaving my hands and legs free of action of riding. That is the time when it came to my mind and I knew that, “Oh I will first have to die to get there.” Damn, it’s already late. Now again coming in control of bike is not quite possible. Neither did I mind. Because I just found that I was too tired riding the vehicle of time.

All of the sudden, I find myself lying in the street, wounded and people gathering all around me. I suspect the accident. I was trying to say this that oh I know nothing it was due to the way of the voice. But I could not explain this to these people. But might be my attempt did get heard. Then an unearthly man appeared up in the sky beyond the sagging wire. He conversed with me: “You can do it." Not knowing what he meant for me, I tried to do something in that state of life. And here my eyes see beneath my clothes, beneath my skin, the inner parts of the body which my logical mind says there must be organs of my body. But all I see is an unusual white light trying to exit my body and thus it is searching for the channels. And it is through uterus and then I am out.

Now my awareness didn't stay with the body but with the fluidic substance which left my body. Then I could see these people who just before were around my presence. Now it seemed like they could not sense my presence, because as they were gathering around my body, I was hovering around my body. I am now in the 4th dimension of existence where I supposed no one there could approach, not even police who were running towards the ocean. The nearest people around my physical body were two women; they were chatting with themselves. I in the fluid appearance went near one of them and because I was by now feeling calm and relieved, I asked for her to let's go and have a coffee together. I knew there is a coffee shop nearby. And I also knew that she is in the body and I am not so this desire of mine cannot be fulfilled. Soon I wanted to go near my body by crossing the lady.

However a fluid substance like mine pulled me towards a different direction and there I see the appearance of bright white light. It extended its form as it is encompassing all things around. And I went into it deeper and deeper like a solvent I dissolve in it. Then I lost the consciousness of me and mine. All was the bright white light. There I felt increasingly fun, happiness, and joy, many different emotions during the time being spent in this white light. Here I lost the concept of time and everything including the concept of me.

Then as I was coming back from this intense emotion, a sound asked me are you happy? The voice intensity was such that this was a setting so that I could be happy. I said its joy more than happiness. Then I again re-entered the bright light. And now I was active like I thought the path of the wind. I went near the guard post where an armed police man was doing his duty. Based on my past experience, I told him that he will not bother to go around my body and rescue me because he has a duty to do here. There was no point that he listen to what I have to say like the lady didn’t get my coffee proposal, but the wind. Then I found he was looking down the street. There were people running towards the ocean. Might be they wanted to know about the accident and also the condition of my physical body. I went towards my body now with their space. Suddenly I was pulled back, and in the air there became a crevasse. I was passing through the crevasse; at the end was the sagging wire. Since I was not my body, I could pass through the sagging wire untouched and so did it happen. And I came on the other side of the sagging wire.

Here, many aspects of event happened simultaneously. So, simultaneously, I got the life review where I can find myself as a child contemplating death for the first time. Now, here in the air I am again living that part of my time and this time an unearthly wise man is with me whereas at that moment I was alone. Then at the same time I was also introduced to a landscape where the wise man gave me the wisdom not having which I was living as an ignorant. There also I knew people indirectly about their life style which I felt like an attraction for the one who now has left the body and so must be desiring to have it again seeing other living. But I also had interest in them as a service to them so that the humanity could be living for their ultimate. So, I tried to untie the knot of the hoarding board which I found to be a distraction because it leads people unnecessarily to be inclined towards the material and so the search for the ultimate could not be reached. This was my thought as the task which I would do if I was able and capable to do. So at that time this came to my mind and I tried for it. I also glimpsed the appearance of my grandfather there. So, as I was unknotting the hoarding board there was a kind of uncomfortable moment for me as I find people’s energy was attached there; their sense of enjoyment was all attached in there.

Then I went on the other side of the hoarding board, and there I see the parasites living on human emotion. Soon the wise man again appeared and touched me in my back and led me to the tunnel. I agreed and went through it but there the wise man didn't come along with me. For a long time I did pass through the tunnel where there was no right, no left, no sights. I was moving through the tunnel. I took so long and I could not sense any destination; it felt like forever. And as I felt it like forever, the fear of death burst in that tunnel. This fear was such that if I would cross over this boundary I would not be able to return to my physical body again. Then due to the fear of death I recalled the initial voice to whom I said I want to go to Vaikuntha. Then and there I got my paradigm changed and I was ready to explain that it is not Vaikuntha where I want to go but some other realm which according to scripture is a higher realm than Vaikuntha.

Then I departed from the tunnel. The tunnel was going in another direction and I came out of it to the space above the earth where I could see the moon very close to me. And on the other side is the earth, rotating, taking its own time. The earth was blue. It was the ocean. Having been born and lived in a land-locked country, I had never seen the ocean. But after seeing ocean, I went towards earth not in the direction of space also not even the moon.

Now I was placed on the place where it felt like I was in the top of the world. There I explained my desire to go to another realm rather than to Vaikuntha. And then I fell in the layers of stage and as I was passing through these layers I looked up and found four intelligent beings looking at me while I was passing through this layer.

After that, I am back in the body. I was in the vehicle on the way to hospital.

Following motorcycle accident, man has vision of his own funeral

I was in a motorcycle accident on July 18th of 2019. The collision caused multiple and internal bleeding. I was bleeding out in the ED and "coded" twice.

My first experience was initially being inside my body, looking around a hospital room with one eye open. My girlfriend walked over and smiled, telling me that everything was ok and I wasn't going to die. I closed my eyes because I felt like I was already dead. This happened more as I heard my mother screaming asking, "How could they do this to my son?" I then felt as if my consciousness lifted above my body and I was floating in blackness. 

My second experience was only through my eyes (I could not see my body). I was in an open warehouse and could see my family and friends walking up a grassy hill toward a church to my funeral. My vision began to increasingly pixelate until I could only see shades of grey. My consciousness began floating into nothingness. I remember thinking, "Is this it? Is this what happens when you die?" I have never felt more alone and hopeless in my entire life. I’ve lived with depression my whole life but have never felt this kind of darkness and disappointment. 

Man has memories of traumatic birth when he was born dead

I have had 3 separate NDEs. Each happened in November (which is my birth month) and each involved my heart (from a full arrest to an irregular heartbeat to the discovery of a congenital defect). I've always considered myself as a spiritual person and have noticed an intense sense of awareness especially with regards to past events as well as a feeling of how the future may play out, at least a sense of perception.

I was aware from my childhood that I felt different. I had a sense that something happened to me when I was younger as I recall seeing flashbulb type experiences or images of my birth, as strange as it may seem. This was in a way validated when I was told just before my 7th birthday that my family was grateful that I was alive as I had died during birth. When I was delivered my cord was knotted, I was not breathing and my heart had stopped beating. I was resuscitated and spent a week in the NICU. When I first heard this, I felt sick and repulsed at first. I felt like a freak and remembering crying as I ran to my room. However deep down, I knew this happened all along as those flashbulb memories I vividly remember included seeing bright fluorescent lights, electronic sounds and a calming feminine voice saying, "I know it hurts...." I also always felt a strong awareness with my body, especially with my heart. 

I grew up a lonely child who spent a great deal of my free time reading and having very deep and introspective thoughts. I also had visions of past events that never made sense, but they were very vivid in detail. 

While I was raised Catholic and have a strong belief in my faith, I was always intrigued with my zodiac. I was born one week early which makes me a Scorpio, and, while I have a lot of Scorpio traits, I feel a strong connection to Sagittarius, which would have been my natural sign had I been born on Thanksgiving as I was supposed to be.

My other two events, which I would like to submit as well, occurred in November during my birth week, which I always found intriguing. And my heart was affected on each occasion. The most recent is completing the cycle, as I found I have a PFO or hole in my heart, which has been present since birth. It actually is a defect that was a result of my birth trauma, and I am facing heart surgery this summer.

Woman sees her Dad during brief visit to the Other Side

February 11, 2020 - around 9pm. I think I died. I will never know if I did, or how close I came to crossing that line. I remember fighting, hands around my throat... And quicker than I could say, "Baby please stop I'm sorry" there was nothingness.

But I guess there isn't actually nothingness. Because I was somewhere. There will never be words to describe where I was. It was bright like no other, but it wasn't harsh or painful like the commercial lights can be. Not even so much the sun, which can take its toll on your eyes if you're in it too long. It was such a bright happy light. Everything was bright and lit up. But it's almost as if it was coming from within. Everything I was sensing was vivid - but on top of seeing everything - it was like those sights had feelings that were being felt so deeply in my soul. Like I wouldn't have needed vision at all.

Everything was just good. The feeling in the space around me was of pure bliss. I have never felt something like that. I don't think it has a space in the range of emotion we feel day to day.

I sensed I was at a gate. One wasn't visible exactly - it was just a feeling. On the border of perhaps a wonderful garden. It feels like everything was just a world of light - yet that indescribable feeling that settled so deep... The one that makes it feel like you could be deaf and blind but still know every single thing that's around you.

And my dad was there. There were other people, but I remember my Dad. I saw him clear as day, but it wasn't the hardened, angry looking - and later cancer stricken - person I had known in my childhood. He no longer looked angry. He no longer looked in pain. He looked as he did in those pictures I have when he and my mom were young and free. When they lived in Virginia, before life took its toll. He's now in front of me and he looks carefree. And I know this place is wonderful. It's just good. I don't know how to describe it - I keep saying that - but it truly has no adjective in the English language. It was just this feeling. Maybe of peace, forgiveness, love, happiness, understanding, accepting... So many more just mixed into a ball of warm healing loving light.

On the border of this garden, the one I could feel yet not quite see, I hear my name. My name is being yelled over and over and over and over. It's pulling me back as I look at my dad for another last time. No one ever spoke, but I saw him. I stood near him. Or I existed near him. He didn't tell me it wasn't my time. He didn't tell me where we were. I was torn between this other voice calling for me... I don't think I wanted to leave my Dad now that I had him again. But it was pulling me, and I didn't have a choice but to go.

And then I woke up.

I woke up to the person who just almost killed me. Holding me, shaking me, screaming my name.

It felt so real. I can't explain it. But it felt real. I was there. I was with a man who died 19 years ago. The feeling of love and pure joy is not one I will likely forget.

It's been a week. And I still cry here and there. I feel like I'm empty. Confused. It seems cruel to be given this gift of seeing my father. I miss him so much. He died when I was 12. His diagnosis to death was 3 months. And he was gone. And now again. Just like that. Just as quickly. I had him and then I didn't. And the pain is like no other.

And then I feel guilty. Confused. How close was I? Did I die? Was I just on the brink? Was I in heaven? Or was this just some majestic way the brain protects itself. No matter the answers to these questions I can't shake how real it felt. I've had dreams that seem real to an extent. But this was not like that. This was that feeling deep in my soul I keep talking about. I can't describe it, but I felt it - it felt as real as sitting here typing does. If not more so.

UK man has OBE, life review, and is given a blank slate upon return

I was born to a regular, working-class two-parent family in South London, of no denomination, with the family mantra of ‘it’s not real unless I can hit it.’

I entered nursery at four years old, where a Priest and a local Police Officer abused me. I then moved to primary school at four and a half. For the next two and a half years, I was subjected to violent, sexual abuse by the headmistress and school inspector, resulting in a severe operation (and still no alarm bells rang).

After moving home with my parents and going to a new school, we soon regretted the move as we had moved slap-bang into the UK residential version of a warzone with burnt-out cars in the garden, at least once a week, fights, shootings, rapes, etc.

An excellent example of how bad it was - the Police were so afraid of the area they ended up spending years petitioning the government, who eventually gave way and gave the council permission to tear down the whole estate to break up the place.

My childhood in that place, from six and a half years old upwards, consisted of looking after my regularly drunk Mother and Father while avoiding beatings and mental abuse.

Both parents had turned to alcohol because of the area and protecting my four siblings, one whom had breathing problems. Each night was a battle of people attempting to break-in, windows smashed, or hearing the screaming and fighting.

Throughout my childhood, I saw and felt things. I had premonitions, knew things I could not or, more importantly, should not, but I do not want to focus on that here as it is so vast and unbelievable that I am thankful there were always witnesses that are still alive.

One night I watched as there was trouble outside my house, and a man walked out into the street and shot at a Police Officer through the front windshield of his car. The fear I felt was extreme.

Not long after, I went back to sleep. I was awakened by my Father shouting as he pinned my Mother to the floor in my doorway, screaming he would hit her, obviously drunk. He stopped upon realizing I was awake. I forgive them both because neither were model parents, but you only get one set of parents, good or bad; and I realized that they were just kids themselves struggling to get by in life as I got older.

By the age of fifteen, we were leaving to move to the coast, and I was still an outsider and bullied being the ‘boy from London.’

I eventually met my wonderful wife Lorraine, and within three months had moved in together as I knew I could never live without her.

In November 1998, we moved into our first home and had such paranormal phenomena the Church asked the landlord to close the flat. We instead called in a very wonderful man, who later became my teacher – Jim. I called him Yoda as he was five foot nothing, Irish with big ears and as wise as the hills.

Jim was a Spiritualist Medium and made me come to the apartment with him. Something happened that changed my way of seeing things from then on and led me down an exciting next ten years investigating all manner of phenomena.

In 1999 my Son was born (again, a story unbelievable). We eventually got married in 2002 and were graced with a baby girl in 2004 – where we moved to Ireland until 2007 when I lost my baby brother Daniel to Sudden Adult Death. Daniel was the brother I sat awake all my childhood watching breathing so he did not die.

It broke me, and I became angry. I left Ireland with my family and struggled to live from place to place on destruction mode. The pressure was building, and the anger I felt was unbelievable.

I went into a doctor's surgery in May 2007 with a shoulder injury, and over the next three years, all my medical records were so severely mixed up that I ended up on 24 tablets that were not mine, plus dozens of procedures and tests. I also put on ten stone and became more and more ill as the NHS told me the records were right despite knowing they were not.

On 20th June 2009, I went to meditate on my bed. We lived with my one day to be brother-in-law as we were homeless and he had lost his Mum. Since he was a child and Michael was best friends with my deceased brother, I had known him, so he had a place, we needed a home, and he wanted company, which helped us both.

I laid on the bed and closed my eyes, and after a while, I saw a man's head appear before turning into a snake that made me wake up with a start. I made my way downstairs uneasy as I would not say I like snakes.

There was no TV at that time in the living room as we were getting one, so we ate and played cards. Around 11 pm, we went to bed, and as my daughter had a cold, and so did my Son, I slept in the single near the wall with the baby in with my Wife and my Son on the single the other side of the room.

At 03:00 am, I sat bolt upright as there was a light – I know it was this time as the digital alarm clock shone proudly, but it was not the only thing shining. My brain took a minute to process that the whole room and everything in it shone with a brilliant light that did not hurt my eyes. I remember thinking, “Whys the sun up?”

I put my hand down on the bed and noticed an identical hand on the bed next to it. I knew straight away that the hand I was looking down at was my own hand as I have a scar on my left hand that looks like a Klingon symbol out of Star Trek.

Somehow, I turned to face my body laying still in the bed, not breathing, and I remember saying, “…oh well, he’s dead.” (Note: not ‘I’m dead,’ as if I knew it was a shell already – always makes me smile remembering that moment and I do not know why.)

I then thought, I know I am dead, but I need to prove it and get back to show Lorraine, as my Investigator nature kicked in. I touched the cold wall with my head and hand and felt it. I looked around and saw a white pair of sports socks, and they were glowing also on top of the dresser, and I remember saying, “How did she get them that bright?” Daft things you think as a person, huh?

There was no fear, scary feeling, or negativity, and I will fail in an epic way if trying to describe what I felt, but I will try. Imagine peace, real peace, calm, love, joy, bliss, acceptance, being cuddled by all those you love, wrapped up in bubble wrap, and cotton wool. There was no conception of a negative feeling or emotion or thought; they were alien there. I have failed by an infinite distance to describe it, but I am sure those who have experienced it will get emotional at this point, remembering it too as I am.

I quickly devised a plan (yes, always been quick on my feet). I figured if I could get to Michael downstairs and listen to his BBC World Service on the radio next to him – which I knew played every fifteen minutes – I could hear the news, remember it, and then get back into my body hopefully.

No sooner had I thought it than I was beside him. No walking, no sense of travel, no surprise – as if it were normal. I felt upstairs and here with Michael also. I listened intently and remembered details. At the end of the bulletin, I thought about upstairs, and I was there again!?!

I truly felt I was one of many who made up the one, and the one made up the many. I knew I felt intimately connected to everything in all of existence and time, every molecule and atom. It was the most…sorry my words fail…it is making me hurt as it was such complete and pure love and peace.

I felt I could stay there, then glanced around at my Son, my Wife, and finally, my baby girl, and something told me I need to be there for them. As soon as that thought entered my mind, it was as if the offer were already withdrawn and the decision I had made was already set in stone; but if I went back, I would be in a lot of pain and go through hell.

I accepted, and at that moment, two things happened. One, I felt everything I had ever done, said, did not do, did not say, and all outcomes as if my whole life was laid out in feelings through me in all choices – so hard to explain.

Then I saw a chalkboard with writing I could not read, and a chalk rubber was rubbing the words out till it was clear and then I felt as if I were given a rolled-up scroll that was blank, and I heard a voice that makes me go goose-bumped to this day as I miss him so much.

The voice said, “There you go, boy; have another go,” in a perfect South London accent…It was my Grandfather who died of cancer when I was four, and my last memory of him is being held in his arms.

I looked around and saw my body and figured that if I held my breath (yeah, laugh) and lay down, I must stick somewhere with all that blood and guts; after all, if Patrick Swayze can do it, I can!

I laid down and wrinkled my nose, and it was like an empty suit of armour. I started to rock and shake to stick to something when the sound of fizzing like popping candy mixed with buzzing appeared all around my body, and I woke up taking a deep breath, in the dark, hurting like hell.

I woke my wife up, relayed what happened, recorded all I said, and later checked it, but hospital first!

On Friday, July 19th, 2009, I had a full heart check-up at the hospital. After attending after my NDE, the results were sent to the same cardiologist who stated some weeks later that (again, I am not a doctor or medically trained) the heart and blood showed it had stopped and changed pattern or something.

Anyway, I felt great – full ‘love thy neighbour Bob Dylan experience.’ The following month I had vivid dreams and memorable experiences until we lost our baby, and I then have no memories until 2015. I spent six years on autopilot, a human shell, bedbound, and my wife and family kept me alive as the NHS continued to medicate and do treatments on me. I had multiple flashes of personality but mostly was a scared child.

In 2015 I came around and found myself in a strange house, in an unfamiliar area and thirty-nine stone. I lost ten stone and stopped all drugs, and now I am fighting my way back. I educated both my children – one currently studying as a Computer Engineer and the other a Nurse, and my wife is starting training as an Accountant.

So much love from them kept me alive, and I can never thank them enough. All I can do is give them all I am, to push them, knowing I stayed for them no matter the cost.

I have no ego, no material needs, no interest in glory, or anything. I am happy watching the wind or rain, clouds in the sky, or simply sitting quietly. I feel changed and know I touched the face of God or whatever you wish to call the source.

In just this last week, I was awakened by the sound of what sounded like hundreds of Angels singing so loud in harmony in a giant hall. It was so loud that it shook my bedroom and affected the CCTV outside the room flickering at 04:44 am. I called out to my wife as I cupped my ears, and as she awoke, it was as if the sound was dialed down.

I do not feel alone, and I know a lot that I have never said or written and may write a book to take the sting out of the myth of death and the love God has for all of us.

No one needs fear.

This has been very hard to write, let alone read over – so please bear with me and no negative comments. All I write is 100% truth and a great deal verifiable.

I am writing as I struggle with my identity since my NDE as I do not know who I am, as if the old me is someone I do not know or particularly like or understand. I want to meet others, to listen, make friends and learn because unless you have experienced an NDE you truly do not know or can imagine how it feels and how much it changes you and your very outlook on life.

Which is funny as I felt more alive there than here!


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