Third Person Narratives

Protective Vision

My brother Andrew battled Leukemia since he was eight. It got worse and went into his testes. The doctors informed my parents that they could no longer do anything and it would be a good idea to take him home and let him die. He was not told that he was going to die. For a week before he died he would tell my mother and the family that he was visited by a real nice man and that this man had a very bright glow around him. He said that when this man came all his pain went away. He told my mother that the man promised him that he wouldn't have to go through any more pain, shots or Chemotherapy. That he would have peace soon and he would be very happy. That is all he would tell us about the man. He also got real smart. He asked for a Rubix's Cube and put the thing together within a minute. My mother still has it as a remembrance of how he got real smart before he passed.





When he passed it was on my father’s birthday and at the same time my father was born. I think this was some kind of message for my father. Several years after my brother passed I was in a depression and feeling real low. I remember lying on my bed. I wasn't thinking about my brother or family and all of a sudden there was a flash of him. It looked like he was real bright and sitting at a desk. All he did was smile down at me and it was gone. But, the change in my emotions was incredible. I felt wonderful, and all my depression lifted. A week later, I was lying in bed and saw a flash of light across my room. I tried to figure out where it came. I put my watch in all kinds of directions to see if it was casting a reflection and it was not. I was alone in the home with my two-year-old son that was asleep next to me. I got this strong feeling to get up and go into the living room. The TV was next to the door and something told me to turn it off. When I turned it off something told me to touch it and wipe the static. There was lots of static and it seemed to go through my body and turn me to the door. At this same time I noticed the door knob turning. My body flung against the door, the curtain flew back and there was a man trying to break into my house. He fell back against the wall and then ran up the stairs. I reinforced the lock and called for help.

I really believe that it was my brother that saved me that night. I think he was watching over me and that somehow he used the static electricity from the TV to save me. To this day, when I feel down and upset or wonder about life I am left with my little brother’s Rubix’s Cube and the memory of seeing him in a flash and then again feeling he saved me a week later. I've shared this with people over the years and some say it is a coincidence. I know in my heart and from the emotions I went through that it isn't.

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