Third Person Narratives

Teen hears her Granny speak of seeing the Other Side

In 1972 I was 14. My Great Grandmother had always been in my life and I had spent many nights with her. 

She had been ill for many months. in and out of the hospital. That summer she was in a nursing home and I would spend many days with her. She said, just knowing I was there brought her comfort. 
One afternoon I was sitting in her room while she slept. At one point she became very still and silent. I thought she must be sleeping so soundly and tried not to wake her. It seemed like a long afternoon but she suddenly awoke and said, "I've been on a bridge and on the other side is the most beautiful garden full of flowers I've never seen and colors I can't discribe."

At that moment I just knew that she had been dead that afternoon and had seen a glimpse of Heaven. She seemed peaceful after that. I just knew she would not be with us much longer.

A few days later she passed away. I believe that she entered that beautiful garden. Telling this story brings tears to my eyes but I believe I will see my sweet Granny one day and that beautiful garden. 


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