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Lucid Dream

I felt quite well, had not been ill nor was I tired from any physical activity. I went to bed at my usual time. Three hours later (plus or minus) I entered the dream state and was immediately aware that I was having a lucid dream. I knew what this was from having read about it therefore I was not frightened in any way. I was in a very black void, just floating as it were. At first that was all that I was aware of and found it very peaceful. Then I noticed in the distance a pinpoint of light -- just a speck.

At that time I realized that I was floating toward that speck of light. When I reached the light I became aware that I had been in a giant tunnel. It actually looked like a funnel would look if seen from the inside. I stepped out of the tunnel into an absolutely beautiful city with buildings of white that were bathed in light.

Colorful flowers were everywhere. Groups of people, none of whom I knew, were standing around engaged in idle conversation. I did not attempt to talk with anyone but they were friendly and smiled at me as if they knew that I was only there for a short time. Through the center of the city flowed a beautiful, ultra marine blue river. Giant, stark white trees (leafless) lined the riverbank. This was very appealing to me so I decided to sit down. When I sat down I found myself back in my body. This experience so impressed me that I have never forgotten it and doubt that I ever will.


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