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My Bread Batter Beliefs

I was brought up in a very fear based religious family. The thought of God didn't bring me comfort or joy. I have always been a truth seeker and have known there is indeed a God--one that I didn't have an awareness of but have sought him for the last 20 years of my life earnestly.

My experience is from the time when I was first married in the early 70s. I’m from the rural mountains of Virginia. We only had two television stations and contact with the outside world was very limited. I’m trying to paint a picture of who I was at that time in my life. I had no knowledge of OBEs. Upon the night of my wedding (I was only 13) when the marriage was consummated, I experienced such unreal pain that the instant my mind came to the conclusion I could no longer bare the pain I was transported. I found myself on my knees in a cave with a course brown dress of some kind on and a large wooded bowel between my legs; I was kneading what I knew as bread batter. Over and over I would pull it up and then punch it down all the time on my knees in this cave. I felt no pain or fear. I knew this was me at some other incarnation. I was safe concentrating on my job at hand.

The vision has never left me. I’m very clear on what happened and understand that it was a way of survival ingrained in my human experience. The next awareness I have of my earthly body is awaking in a warm pool. I soon realized I had lost a lot of blood. I recovered and life continued.

I have five grown daughters and several grandchildren. I’m very close with my girls and have told them through the years about my experience. They will even kid me saying, “Oh don’t get mom upset, she'll start making bread.” That was one of the things in my life that gave me the courage to seek my own truth about God and my beliefs, not to except what was given to me in the form of others’ thoughts.  Beliefs had to be mine or they would be of no real value to me or my life.

I truly know that we can only see a very small amount of the truth and purpose of this world, if we look with just our rational mind. In reality, trying to come to conclusions with truths about why we’re here will never be seen with the mind.


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